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  1. He got it in Machias. Indian Lake that I refer to is in Whiting.
  2. My buddy that bought a Princecraft got it last week. They weren't even going to take him for a demo cruise! I realize that if one has been on a boat the basics are the same but come on. I asked Hamlin to see if they would deliver it and they said yes. I'd rather have them drag it to Lubec than me. I will mainly be on the ocean w occasional trips to Gardners Lake and Indian. This weather stinks. We were spoiled last year, that summer was awesome
  3. I got the Salt Water Series. With Strakes. Hope the Vmax gives me a little boost to 38. (I have a highs school buddy get a Princecraft Triple w Merc 115 and he gets 36, LOL) Of course his will turn much better... But I'm not getting the stainless steel prop...I guess I could change that but $$. Mine is getting built May 4-6. Expect delivery before Mem weekend.I was on a recent road trip to NM and decided to swing by the plant in Indiana to see how they are built. Enjoyed it. I'm retired and go every two-three months to see my grandsons in NM. I don't mind driving and I see family and friends down and back. Cant wait til the boys come up this summer Did you get yours at Hamlin?
  4. Maniac, I'm getting a similar setup=22SSX with twin Elliptical Toons and the 115Vmax! I'm as far East in Maine as you can go in Lubec. Whereabouts are you? Yeah big bummer, snowing here tonight. Should be getting my boat May 18th or so.
  5. Kaydano, I know nothing about props-suggestions? Thanks
  6. Boat Model --------- 22 SSX Model Year --------- 2017 Tube Option -------- Twin 32" Elliptical Tubes w strakes Power Option ----- Yamaha 115 Vmax Prop Specs ---------- no idea Performance.....Delivery date May 18, what can I expect for performance? 30mph?