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  1. Looks professional, how hard is it to keep from crashing while your panning and pointing the camera?
  2. Thank you, that is what I thought also
  3. What is the max rpm for a 115 yamaha? A friend just bought a new bennington 22'pontoon and dealer installed a stainless prop on it ( don't know pitch), but he is hitting 6500 at full throttle.
  4. So I went down to the lake 3 weeks ago and went out to the boat to check on it and the entire grey cover had bird crap stripes all over it. I keep it under a boat house up on a lift and have never had this problem before. I went home and ordered a birdx bird repeller and plugged it in, and went in the house and watched. It appeared to be working, it has a motion detector on it and emits some sort of high pitched sound the birds didn't seem to like. Last weekend I came back down and it looked like they invited all their friends over and had a crapping party. I ordered some sticky caulk that you apply to the tops of the rafters with a caulking gun where they sit and do their business. It is suppose to stay sticky for around 10 months and it says the birds don't like it and it keeps them away. The only problem is I didn't read the fine print that says "small" birds may become stuck!! So I went out Saturday afternoon to find two birds stuck there looking at me. One got loose and when it saw me, hopped between my legs thru the open pontoon door onto the dock and the dog chased it down the dock into the water, where it is now turtle food. The other one got loose during all this and just jumped in the lake and is also turtle food. My question is: does anybody have any other ideas. It is just a weekend place and I am worried there are going to be 100 dead birds stuck to the rafters of my boat house when I get back this weekend.
  5. Lets just say they have a week to learn..................or they will be swimming with the fishes
  6. Uncovered the boat and started to lower it into the water and my wife noticed 2 birds swarming around the front of the boat. After looking there was a nest with baby birds holding their mouths open on top of the center toon, waiting for mommy to feed them. My wife said we can not use the boat until they are able to fly away!?! So I covered the boat back up and raised it up as high as I could so when they jump out they have a few extra feet to take flight before hitting the water! It turned out to be more of a drinking weekend instead of a boating one.
  7. Always carry, and don't like anyone trying to make people feel that they are doing anything wrong by exercising their right to do so. As far as drinking goes, drinking causes more problems on the water than firearms ever have.
  8. Are all the 2017 sx pontoons prewired for LED lighting (interior), even though it was not ordered with the boat? I know in a lot of cars the wires are included in wiring harnesses even if the option is not purchased.