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  1. Try these. I got mine from Amazon a bit cheaper. I have 5 of them and ordered an extra base for each one. The rod holders get placed where you want for fishing and the extra bases were put in a row along the back railing to use as vertical rod storage. All that I need to do is pull one off the back and place it in the base next to whichever seat im going to fish from. When covering the boat the bases are fine but I have to remove the holders and poles and lay them on the floor...
  2. if I could get pics to post on here Id show them..
  3. Check these out. I put them on mine and am pretty happy so far. They clamp onto the rail so no drilling required. Make sure you order the proper size for your rail. I did not like the factory option for a rod storage box that took up floor space and these can be placed anywhere you want them. I put 5 of them on with 2 on each side by the front fishing seats 1 behind my captains chair and ordered 5 extra bases that I put in a row on the back rail for upright storage or fishing off the rear seat. They will also work for trolling in that position. I take the holders out of the bases when putting the cover on and they do not interfere with it if you install the bases so the holder sits on the inside of the rail and not jutting out over the side.
  4. Thanks Jack. Good video. All I should have then is the front cone section holding a little bit of water so no biggie. Spoke to the dealer this morning. They have a local guy well versed in welding to do the repair. Once I drop it off it should only be a matter of days before it'll be done and ready to go.
  5. Thanks Bob and thanks everyone else! I have lurked here for months reading up on things before ordering my boat back in Jan. Learned a lot here and it helped sway me towards Bennington. I don't have one of the big rigs like a lot on here but it is my first pontoon! I moved from deep v fishing rigs into this and am loving it so far! Way more room and comfort vs my Alumacraft deep v...
  6. Good to hear that. Makes for a quick and easy fix. And yes , I realize mistakes happen. Except for that small 1/16'' hole the rest of the boat is awesome!
  7. Yes , it should be an easy fix if they are hollow tubes. It is still an understatement to say I'm a little disappointed to find this after barely over 20 hours on the new boat.
  8. Thanks for the welcome! The reason I am asking is I just got a 2017 18' SF3 fish/cruise and there is a bad weld on the solid keel. They burned through the pontoon right at the end of the weld with the wonderful result of a small hole in the bottom of the tube. It has been over 36 hours since putting it on the trailer and it is still dripping which makes me think there is foam inside holding some water. I would think if it was separate chambers with just air space it would have stopped by now. Don't know. After noticing the leak , the stream was filling a water bottle in 1 1/2 minutes an hour after putting it on the trailer. I don't know how much water was actually in the tube but was suspicious when it drove as if I was dragging 2 anchors. It wasn't noticeably listing to the right but was feeling heavy in the rear , not planing out , etc. I'll find out more on Tuesday morning and hope Bennington is as good as I've read from others on here.
  9. Hello all. Been a lurker here for a while reading up on things and now have a question hopefully someone can answer. On an 18' Bennington with 23" pontoons , are they foam filled tubes or just empty air space?