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  1. If you guys have to charge your batteries, do you remove them from the bot before charging?
  2. I would be upset as well. These boats are not cheap. Also if you had the sharkhyde coating is it now compromised because of that damage?
  3. Thanks for the update Lakeliving
  4. After reading through this topic; it made me a little nervous. I am new to owning a tritoon or should I say I have one on order and had the saltwater package put on. I will be trailering my boat and plan to put in in fresh water and head out to the Gulf. Is this electrolysis something I need to worry about or is it primarily if you always leave boat in water? I apologize if this is a dumb question, but really got me thinking. Thanks
  5. I really appreciate it Dans57
  6. Thanks Dans57 in the bottom close up picture is the frame bent? Not sure if that's a optical illusion or just part of the Bimini construction ? Thanks
  7. Dans57, do you have some pics you could share ? Thanks
  8. That's what I was thinking but figured I would throw it out on the forum for some hands on advice. I have seen pics of the front Bimini stored in the radar position except facing forward. I wonder if it Can be out towards the rear or lay flat towards the front for travel?
  9. Hey guys, I have searched the forum on double Bimini and trailering and found some posts from 2011. I wanted to see if there have been any improvements to the process and also if the current double Bimini option can be trailered in the rear facing position or all the way down? thanks
  10. i appreciate everyone's feedback. The wife and I have decided to just go with the "stock" system so we can get the double Bimini. I have always been good with car audio stuff and figured I can always upgrade down the road. Won't have the 10 year warranty but I think the double Bimini will be better for us and our little ones
  11. Didn't even think about it matching the ski/tow bar. We did get that option
  12. The wife and me have decided to go with the standard aluminum ladder and get the double Bimini option.
  13. I have 2 little ones that will prob be in and out of the water so I think the aluminum with bigger steps may be the way for us to go
  14. I like how the stainless is more out of sight but just not sure if it's something we need or want. LOL
  15. Want some opinions between the aluminum and stainless ladders. I am a fan of stainless but not to sure about the telescoping as I have never personally tried one. Thanks