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  1. I have searched the forum and found various posts regarding water in the compartments. Wanted to know if there should be some type of drain hole in the very bottom of the compartments? I see the ones around the opening at the top but have not noticed any in the bottoms of mine. We took boat out this past weekend for first time with family and after housing boat and seats off noticed a lot of pooling water in the bottoms of seat bases. I get that water is going to get in, just want to know if there are supposed to be drains in the bottoms? Don't want to have a portable pool in the seat bases LOL Thanks Brad
  2. We did not get the privacy enclosure either. So much more space under the sun deck
  3. Thanks Michiman
  4. Wanted to see if you guys think a Fortress FX7 anchor would be ok for my boat? Thanks
  5. Here are some pics from picking her up yesterday. Found a bolt head broke off the ski/tow bar but dealer was able to have fixed in no time at all.
  6. The SPS with a Yamaha 150 is what we got. Were originally wanting the 115 until we went for a test ride with a 150. The wife was like this is what we are getting and I was like sounds good to me
  7. The front Bimini came in with a tear, dealer has already ordered a replacement one.
  8. More than I was expecting but think I got pretty good coverage
  9. Some pics of the Marina getting her all cleaned and prepped
  10. My boat is in at the Marina. Went up yesterday and she is a beauty. Went for the test ride and can't wait to bring her home this monday. Trying to attach some pics
  11. Just got my policy with progressive. $447 for the year.
  12. Well my boat is in and I am in the process of getting insurance. So far progressive has the best rates and it includes sign and glide towing. Wanted to see if anyone has used it? And if so how was the experience. My boat salesman told me yesterday if I get Seatow through them when I pick boat up , I can get 15 mos for the price of 12. Not sure if I need seatow with the sign and glide. I appreciate any feedback Thanks Brad
  13. Maybe stick a No Smoking sticker over it. On a serious note, not sure if you could touch it up or not. Maybe u can check with a car dealer, usually they have guys that are experts at touching up carpet,vinyl etc.
  14. Look good
  15. What's your thoughts on Propulsion PlusĀ® Mechanical Breakdown Coverage from progressive? Sounds good, just wonder on the fine print.