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  1. Seagrass is what we are getting, the wife loves it
  2. Can't wait to get the call that the boat is in.
  3. Got a call from our salesperson the other day with some bad news. He said Bennington had contacted him and there is a supply delay for flooring. This bad news quickly turned to great news when he said Bennington is willing to do another upgraded flooring for free. I was like sounds like a winner to me
  4. Well got the word today that Bennington will not put the short trailering legs on with the ball and socket version. They said that they could send parts and dealer could install but would not be covered under warranty. I don't see why it wouldn't work but hey, I am no engineer. We decided to just get it the way it comes from Bennington
  5. Sorry to hear about the damage. How did it get bent ?
  6. Looks Sharp!!
  7. Hopefully it will all be made right for you. It sounds like Bennington is on top of it
  8. Update- After talking with Bennington directly it sounds like the ball and socket Bimini is due to space constraints. I asked if they could add the little trailering legs with the ball and socket style fastener and they are checking into it for me.
  9. I called the dealer and they are checking into it for me. I told them I need the one with the trailering leg
  10. On benningtons design center it does show the ball and socket under the double Bimini option for the 21SLXP. I am going to contact my salesperson today and verify which one he put in for our boat. He knew we would be trailering so hopefully it will be the correct one. If we can't get the one that has the trailering bracket we will have that option removed from the build since we will always be trailering the boat.
  11. I will have to check with the dealer to see if the one we have on order has the trailering version since we will be trailering all the time
  12. I've got a 21slxp on order with the SPS package and it comes with a 32 gallon transom mounted tank