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  1. Da' turdy point buck! Thanks for the chuckle! I needed it today. D&D
  2. In 2007 we bought new snowmobiles. We came back from a ride, put the sleds in the garage and didn't ride them for about 2 weeks. On the next ride we stopped at one of the local watering holes and I shut my sled off, removed my helmet and got a scent of freshly popped corn coming from inside. It was coming from inside alright...............inside the exhaust system of my new sled! Mice had opened up a hold in a bag of corn I had for deer and started storing it in the warm snowmobile. No damage, but for a while there I had a hankering for popcorn at every stop!
  3. I really like the SSRX. Great boat!
  4. Motor? I thought was a refrigerator!!
  5. "Party at Oakslicer's party at Oakslicer's!!!!!!!! Nice boat by the way!
  6. Hello Steve. That is good news regarding your boat! I live in Hudson WI. and had the storms blow through yesterday afternoon and evening. The tornado sirens did go off, but fortunately nothing landed around Hudson. It certainly was a different story in Chetek. My best wishes and prayers go out to all of those where affected by this storm. Are the Ultra Legs made by the same company as Sea Legs?
  7. I'm sure they did..........
  8. I occasionally venture over to the Sea Ray forum to check out boats. I came upon a thread relating to the differences between the cuddy's, bowriders and bigger boats versus the pontoons (canbotes is what they call us). There were some posters on there that were actually making light of what a bigger boat like that can do to a pontoon. Just as you explained, passengers that don't see them coming can almost be thrown off of the pontoon. They all found this to be very funny and explained that pontoons don't have a place on their waters. Made me scratch my head and say hmmmmmmmm...........
  9. Wait. Can you legally have this equipment in Collie fornia? Just kidding everyone. Very nice! What is that sidearm? D&D
  10. I do carry daily, but never bring it on to the boat. I am confident that our little lake in N.W. Wisconsin is 100% safe. If we do start to go out on the St. Croix river I would re think that. I stopped feeling like I had to justify me carrying a sidearm to people a long time ago. As for the thugs out there..........make your life a little easier.......comply with authority. D&D
  11. I googled "Paws Aboard" and several distributors have them. It retails for just over $200.00, but I found it online at Sears (who knew they were still in business?) for $158.00 and free shipping. D&D
  12. We always leave the front gate open as it really helps keep the bugs at bay with the air flow when under power. That being said we've always had a 25 h.p. Honda on our previous 18' pontoon so we weren't going anywhere fast. Besides that I have German Shorthaired Pointers and there is NO WAY that that little gate is going to stop them from moving out to the bow. Fortunately I have never had an incident where they took a tumble off when under power, but I still am always aware of how fast those things happen.
  13. Fellow dogs owners, do any of you use a dog ramp/steps for your shipmates to get back out of the water?When my wife and I anchor to swim my dog Greta likes to come in with us. After several laps around the boat she is ready to get out. I just ordered a "Paws Aboard" ramp for her to get back onto the boat on her own instead of me having to get back on the boat to lift her out. (because in 5 minutes she'll want to be back in again) I am curious if anyone has any input on how well these work. Thanks. D&D
  14. Rockie69, Do some research on the Slingshot as I have heard about people getting a hot foot on the floorboard. I guess they may be correcting the issue with some type of heat shield. I had a Road King and a Streetglide but sold them about a year ago as I decided that was not the way I wanted to go out. Way too many people texting and trying to drive. I had a few close calls and made my mind up to sell. I would like my next toy to be a Factory Five Cobra. We'll see what the future holds.
  15. Wow Rockie69! Are you a Cyclone or a Hawkeye?