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  1. My new (to me) Bennington 2575 RLTD will be ready for pick-up tomorrow. The dealer was doing some final service and punch-list items for me before I pick it up for a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. The dealer told me they wanted an extra day so they could install all the previous owner's canvas to make sure it's aired out well. I thought they were referring to a bimini top only, but when I went down today to check it out, nope -- it's FULL canvas. Looks like the previous owner never used it! I plan to when the fishing gets good.
  2. With a better look, yes - there is under-skinning that goes runs fore and aft across metal "ribs" running cross-wise (port to starbord). Those aluminum ribs seem more than strong enough to hold up 2,500 lbs. But now I'm thinking about what @Scott1 just wrote: Are they saying it's bad to have the toons hanging?
  3. I noticed that also, but didn't want to say anything.
  4. @Porsche Please tell me more about your racing sim? I've been thinking of building one myself!
  5. I see nothing wrong with someone legally carrying on a boat. But for times where the wearer might want to jump in the water, a small combo safe like this one might be a good idea: I made a video review of that safe a while back, and bought a bunch (when a clone of them showed up at Costco) for my gun-toting family members (Dad, Dad-in-Law, wife).
  6. I'm considering options to increase grip on the swim platform on a 2006 2375. Has anyone tried Gator Step? Any other options I should consider?
  7. Keep in mind it could be a question of amperage, not voltage. First generation iPhones only needed 1.0 amps to charge. Newer generation iPhones (and all iPads) need at least 2.1 amps. Check to make sure the 12V to USB adapter you're using puts out enough amperage for your device. Current gen Samsungs and other Android phones also like the higher amperage. P(ower) = I(current)V(voltage) If the 12V outlet is working, but you're still not getting enough "power" to charge your phone, then I'd bet you need a better adapter. The $5 ones at the gas station won't cut it. Something like this (around $12) should do the trick if you want to have a dedicated port with two USB charging outlets: Or you can just plug in something like this (also around $12) to a standard cig adapter to charge up to three devices at a time: Lots of options for both approaches. I just ordered one of the hard-wired ones.
  8. Sounds both fun and prudent. Thanks.
  9. Good to know. So you're saying make sure everyone is holding on tight before I crank it hard?
  10. I saw a few double-decker Bennys when I was doing pre-purchase Googling. If the boat has "TD" in the designation, that stands for "Top Deck." So mine is a 2375 RLTD. Engine is the Mercruiser 5.0L EFI. I/O is the Bravo-3 with twin 3-props.
  11. I thought the same thing! Engine is only one year old (was replaced when prev owner cracked the block) so it's running strong. I wondered if the large top deck acted as a sort of wing, helping lift the boat out of the water at speed, thereby reducing drag in the water. Or maybe it's just decent HP + light weight (only two people on board) = surprising speed.
  12. Took my new (to me) 2375 RLTD for a water test yesterday. The dealer cleaned it up nicely, though I plan on spending some more time myself on the toons (and applying some Shark Hide) when I get her home. Dealer is still working on a few minor punch list items, but I should have her home this week. After warming her up, I was surprised to see her hit 38 MPH (using speedo app on my phone). I was also surprised by how quickly she gets out of the hole and planes out. The tri-toons handle surprising well. My kids were concerned that a pontoon boat would be less fun for tubing (migrating from Malibu Wakesetters). I don't think they'll have ANY complaints once I start whipping them around.
  13. I died a little inside. They ruined a classic that should have been restored, not adulterated. There was a huge thread on a Ferrari forum about it: The thread showed that the prices thrown around for the show were ridiculous, and totally fake. So my thoughts? They should stick to American muscle.
  14. Ever since Miami Vice, I was also in love with the TR. Mine is a '92 512 TR, and the convertible borrowing design cues from the TR is actually a '94 348 Spider -- essentially the 8-cylinder little sister of the 12-cylinder TR. The weather here in the Pacific NorthWET has been terrible this Winter and Spring, and there has been very little opportunity to go anywhere "topless." I hope that changes soon!
  15. My "unholy trinity" are cars, guns, and watches. Here are some of the cars currently in the garage. I'm a sucker for those red cars.