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  1. Thanks. I already have all of that stuff (not my first boat just first pontoon). Deposit is done now just waiting for delivery. Can't wait!!
  2. 44k is out the door with prep and freight and trailer.
  3. All great advice thanks. We primarily use the boat for relaxing cruising of the NH lakes region. Sometime pull the kids on a tube. Need seating for 10. Price I am getting is $44k with a trailer. Options included as follows. I think the price is reasonable? Panel Accent (Champagne (upcharge)) upchargeCrystal Cap (SX/G)Woven Vinyl Slate Full Flooring (22/24)Cupholder Portable (2)Recliner Upgrade - R Series Captains Chair (2)Sport Performance System with Transom Fuel 22 SStriker 4 Fish Graph (S/SX/SXP)Docking Lights (Sandstone)Privacy Chaise (74 in SX Series)Sharkhide - 3 TubesSki Tow Bar - SPS (No Ext. Aft Deck)
  4. Good idea. It already has the changing room and movable cup holders. Was considering adding the movable fill in seat that can be placed in front of the bow or stern gate. I assume the dealer can't add the ski storage hatch into the floor? Was also considering having him swap out the standard ladder for the curved one.
  5. Hi. New member here. Test driving a 2017 22 SSRX SPS 150hp (Merc) tomorrow (possibly upgrading from 18' Bayliner Element). Does anyone have any suggestions for questions to ask dealer, options I should look to purchase, add on, etc? Would be buying off the lot. Boat has the upgraded captains chairs and fish finder. Does not have extended aft deck or ski locker.