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  1. My best mph has been 16, with the Bimini top in place and the bow door closed. I think a 12 x 8 prop should be right. I have emailed Bennington so I can print their response and take it to my dealer. In your case I think you should check your linkage at WOT to see if it fully open.
  2. I have the same boat. Took delivery in early May. My prop is a 12.25 X 9g. My best rpm is 4800 at WOT. I am not happy with that. I think I need a smaller prop. I have 15.5 hrs and will take it in at 20 hrs. I noticed that the throttle arm is .25 inches off the throttle stop at WOT. I did not see how to adjust the linkage. This could be part of the problem. I agree that running the motor in a tube is not nearly the same as pushing a boat.
  3. I just took delivery of a new 2017 16 foot with a 40hp Yamaha. I am now into my 3rd hour of break in. The prop is a 12,1/4 X 9 G. At YOT I can only hit 4800rpm 16 mph. I am looking for 6000rpm at YOT, and to operate at 5500rpm / 20mph. Any suggestions?