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  1. Mine is the 2017 also. I didn't mean the portable arm rests though, I wanted the type that extend to the floor that you could rest your arm on when sitting looking forward from angled back seat. Any luck finding those? Thanks
  2. I have a SSXRX22 with the wrap around seating in front. Would be nice if you could have arm rests on floor sides closeted to the console and same across while you were sitting forward? Anyone know of a link they can send that works? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks!! I bought some 303 protector and conditioner, however didn't remove bug stains that got under cover while in water. Will try the cleaner Thanks again!!
  4. Sea legs are the only way to go, push button and out of water
  5. New owner here and wondering what the best vinyl seat cleaners everyone is using? Brand new toon, but the little bugs are staining seats!! Any help?