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  1. cwag911, not dumb all. Great idea for a temporary fix if I can't find a permanent one. The KISS principal many times is the best (least expensive and least complicated) approach! Thanks......Bill
  2. BigKahuna, yes, it is has a bilge pump. royal4, good suggestions, thanks. I was thinking of perhaps buying a rubber floor mat and cover the hatch up when washing the deck down...not a perfect solution but it it should work in keeping most or the water out. I also want to be able to seal that hatch to keep water out in case we get caught in a Florida summer thunder storm with lots of blowing rain coming down and in the boat and rough seas. I always stay off the water when bad weather is predicted but in Tampa Bay in the summer you can have a thunder storm build up right over the top of you with very little warning time. In those conditions a rubber floormate would likely blow off unless fastened/snapped down to the hatch itself or the deck.
  3. I have a 22 SFX APC Tri Toon with In-Floor Storage being delivered next week and wanted to get some ideas as to how best keep rain water or wash down water out of the in-floor storage areas since the hatch is cleary not going to keep water out as you can see from the photo. The hatch is about 33" Ling X 15" Wide.
  4. Where is the best place to attach the Garmin GT51-TM transducer? I have a Bennington 22SFX APG ordered with three tubes and a 200hp Yamaha.
  5. Looks like a great boat...I have ordered a similar build.
  6. Semper Fi...most importantly, thanks for your service and sacrifice for the United States of America! PS - great video...I just ordered a new 22SFX APG to fish and cruise on in Tampa Bay and the many miles is snook and redfish filled canals. If only I was able to catch a few!
  7. I have just ordered a new 22SFX APG with a 150hp Yamaha equipped with three live wells. 1. Will these live wells function while the boat is underway? 2. Is the water pump that feeds the live wells sufficient to keep three live wells working at the same time? 3. Is the Yamaha 150hp enough power for this boat? We are looking forward to fishing in new our new boat on Tampa Bay!