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  1. Jenks, thanks for the photos. My 20SSRX (same color as yours) has been ordered with seat covers, delete mooring cover. $680. Yours look great. adk, you mentioned a lightweight mooring cover. May I ask where you got it, and what type of fabric was used? Does it use clips, or snaps? Thanks to all for the replies.
  2. Bill the Goat smells too ripe to graze anywhere nearby. Army guys don't notice the aroma. Battle flag flying on Independence Day. Dock to be razed and rebuilt to accommodate the new Bennington. Lake Butler on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Life is good!
  3. Go Navy, Beat Army! The number ONE rivalry in college athletics.
  4. adk, did I mention I'm nearly 30 years your senior? I'll bet your dad-in-law's no spring chicken either. Ah, youth!
  5. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2017 (actually 2018) 20SSRX and I've been dealer shopping. The prices are all pretty well aligned, so I'm looking for dealer reputation over distance from my home... within reason. The quality of the dealership is critical, in my mind, to a satisfying Bennington experience. There doesn't seem to be as much interest in Benningtons in Central Florida as in other parts of the country, although they're "flying off the shelf" down here, as they are throughout the country. I'm thinking there are very, very high volume dealers elsewhere. Any opinions out there about Central Florida dealerships? Please PM me if you think it's necessary. Thanks in advance.
  6. 2017 20SSRX The mooring cover appears to be a hassle. I have a covered lift and prefer to just cover the lounges, Capt & Co-Capt seats, and console. We'll be much more likely to spontaneously jump on the boat and go if we can do minimal uncovering. Can anyone share their opinion of the seat covers? How do they fit? What holds them in place? Is the fabric the same as the bimini fabric? Do they look like gunny sacks? Does anyone have photos of them installed? Thanks in advance.
  7. A few years back, BM stopped offering the adjustable height seat, but it's back. Please share your likes and dislikes of this current offering. For instance, at its lowest height, is it lower than the non-adjustable seat? What is the range of height? Is it sturdy? Thanks in advance.
  8. First post by a prospective Bennington owner - - the "new" helm caught my eye, but I learned that it is actually an upgrade to "premium" from the standard 20SSRX. Unfortunately, the upgrade also includes seating changes that I don't care for, and Bennington is unable to build a la carte. Any comment regarding the ergonomics of the throttle mounted on the vertical face of the console? Thanks. We're looking forward to our first (and last) whack at pontooning.