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  1. New pontoon owner here. What is everyone's recommended / preferred way to load the boat onto the trailer. Float it on or drive it on to the trailer. Like I said this is my first pontoon my previous boat was a "V" hull and I drove it onto the trailer. Thanks for the advice want to do what's best for the boat.
  2. When I purchased my new boat I got a Mid America trailer with it. The bunks and front stops are wood covered in plastic. I don't have any experience with plastic covered bunks only carpeted bunks on my previous boat trailer. At first I thought plastic was a good thing but the more I think about it I'm wondering if carpeted is the way to go from a protection standpoint on the bottom of the toons and the front rubrail, my rub rail is the anodized aluminum. What is everyone's experiences, thoughts and opinions on plastic vs carpeted bunks.
  3. All, New to this site so be gentle. I purchased my first Bennington a couple weeks ago 22 SSRX with a 150 Suzuki black with Mediterranean blue accent stripe. I'm new to pontoon ownership but not boat ownership. My last boat was a 21' Sportcraft. I'm very careful and meticulous when it come to the care and cleaning of my boats. I have a few questions about care and what to expect the aluminum toons to look like. My fiberglass boat was fairly easy to care for but it seems the pontoon shows everything on the toons. I have what appear to be surface scratches on the toons (almost like swirl marks in car paint) Is this normal to expect from a pontoon. What should I expect them to look like? On the Port toon in the rear I have some white marks that look like scuff marks, no dents or damage in the area just the scuff marks. What is the best way to remove the marks? It came with Sharkhyde from the factory what are the do's and don'ts of sharkhyde when it comes to cleaning the toons. I trailer the boat and always wipe down everything as soon as I pull it out of the water. I have the matte aluminium rub rail. What is the best way to keep it looking good and minimize scratches and hazing? I always use fenders when at a dock. Thanks for the pointers.