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  1. Thanks for the welcome, replies and congratulations! Answering a few questions above: pictures are posted; Green Lake itch has been non-existent so far; the original Bennington order time for a Feb order was May... then June... then July.
  2. From the album North MI Rich

    Bennington 22 Fastback
  3. From the album North MI Rich

    Bennington 22 Fastback
  4. From the album North MI Rich

    Bennington 22 Fastback
  5. South of Traverse City, MI on Green Lake. Great area to boat and golf!
  6. No doubt, that is one acronym filled model number! I pulled it off the order sheet. It is the SXP series, FastBack model. I couldnt tell you what the other letters are for! The dealer might have scribbled it down wrong. In any event it seems to be a great purchase so far!
  7. Hi all. New Bennington finally arrivd mid July after a February order - 6 months seemed like 6 years... I love this site and have learned a lot reading through the posts. I haven't seen anyone with my model: 2017 22SSRFBXP with a Yamaha 115 and SPS. We launched a couple of weeks ago and so far so good. I was worried about speed and pulling tubers but she's handled everything well so far. I've read a lot of the posts on props and plan to investigate more after she's completely broke in. Summer can now begin! (.......and I think I figured how to post pictures)
  8. Hello. I have two batteries and switch on my Bennington I just took delivery on. I believe the purpose of having a switch is so you can choose to drain one battery when anchored (radio etc) and have the second battery as back up for starting. Also, when docked for longer periods, can move switch to "off" so that there is no drain on either battery. Not sure why you wouldn't use the switch if you have it!