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  1. Hi, I am wondering about your power steering install. I have purchased a unit and am ready to install but i have noticed in the instructions it says all hoses should be longer than 6 ft. In the picture you posted it appears your are 3-4 ft. in length. I am wondering if that is the case and if so have you had any issues??

    1. cwag911


      The hoses under the helm are 3 ft and I've had no issues.

    2. Half mine

      Half mine

      Ok thanks. Seems to be a strange requirement but i figured you would be a good person to ask. Thank you for the quick response and all the help you've been without even knowing it. This is a great forum

    3. cwag911


      You're more than welcome.

  2. Had our 24' ssbxp (swingback) about a month now and love it. The layout is great and the swingback is super. Came with no rail so we don't use underway but dealer has one coming for us and they only hit us $300.00 for it.
  3. I agree. I might move it up a hole to see if i can get another 200 rpm or so out of her but i'm gonna wait till i get my new prop till i do. Talked to my dealer today and they said the sds props were being re-designed and are comin in now.
  4. We took enchantment of the seas (royal carribean) . Looking at carnival now for the next one. How did you like them???
  5. You are correct. Was told SDS on backorder. Not sure if that's the case but I told them I want it when it comes in.
  6. Royal carribean and stopped at coco kay, Bahamas and key west. Wasn't sure if I'd like it but it was a good time
  7. Sorry to dissappear, was on a cruise all week. It is good all around but I do want the sds as it has a decent shudder at low rpm. I was suprized as it will plane at around 3300. Couldn't be happier all around. The sds is on backorder so this is what they put on it in the meantime.
  8. Kinda what I was thinking but I figured I'd ask as you all are pretty knowledgeable on here and I'm getting the prop replaced anyway. Thanks
  9. 2017 sx24 switchback with 32"elliptical and a 200 yamaha. 7 hrs. On motor and had a chance to see where I am speed/rpm wise. Loaded up with 6 adults ( approx.1100 pds. ) full fuel (25 gal.) trimmed out got 39.4 mph and 5600 rpm. 2 adults (400pds) got her up to 44.7 mph at the same 5600. Waiting on a new sds prop and wondering if I should change what I got (14.5x15) ss reliance saltwater series. Couldn't check motor height as had no other driver but think I'm a hole low. And ...................go
  10. 2017 switchback 24 premium Yamaha 200 32" elliptical twins 44.7 mph 2 adults full fuel 5600 rpm
  11. Ok. Still no pics but I am working on it . Have them in my phone just gotta get them moved over. Have 7 hours on the motor and finally got her opened up today. 44.7 on the gps. And rides like a dream.
  12. sorry, didn't get any pictures. Was a crappy, drizzly day but still had a good time and spent some time breaking the motor in.
  13. I'm on the map!!!! Just got my new 24 swingback today. Took her out for new boat orientation and a little run after. Getting ready for a full day tomorow. Wil send pics tomorrow