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  1. Probably! I have never fished or used anything like it. It's the Striker 4 Fish Graph. I'll let the guys play with that - haha!
  2. 24SSBXP with the 200. All the LED lighting they offer and underwater lighting. The 15' canopy, upgraded all the sound system stuff, smokey granite with black stripe, a live well, rough water package, performance package, diamond pillow top upholstery, heavy duty rub rail, sternback lighted speaker and logo upgrade, railing for the swingback, a fish finder (why, I don't know), in-floor storage, added ice chests....it's kind of ridiculous! Will be ready late August I'm gonna be one of you all soon!
  3. Placing the order today! So excited
  4. Wow - it is beautiful!! Thank you
  5. Ordering today!!! We basically built a Q Series, but it's a 24SSBXP
  6. Yes - that is what we are getting! With the in-floor storage. I really didn't even know they offered a two toon! I couldn't imagine anyone not getting that storage space, it's massive!
  7. I saw that! Gotta check with the dealer's price
  8. Hahaha! I have it, whatever it is. Apparently early stages. For now, I look at Bennington's all day and for some reason keep building the same boat just because it's fun. Or I change one thing and change it back over and over. I have built higher end models, i/o's, it is addictive. But the bank account can't afford three boats in one year so hoping I get it right the first time. I am glad I found you all!
  9. Apparently I have a pre-PADS affliction - Pontoon Acquisition Derangement Syndrome. I really hope I stick with the same boat for a while. I'll need a prescription for PADS for my bank account's sake. OR, I just buy every upgrade and call it a day
  10. You mean the tritoon? I didn't know they even offered as a (double) pontoon.
  11. I have never fished in my life but apparently I need a live well, rod holders, a fish finder, everything! Haha! In my mind, my one year old and his dad will learn to fish together and those memories are priceless, right? PADS has a new name for sure
  12. Thank you and congratulations on your boat!!
  13. Thanks! We will definitely get it in writing once we dial it in. We really aren't in a rush, since we still have our Eliminator Daytona. Let me re-phrase, we SHOULDN'T be in a rush, but the excitement (PADS) is overwhelming! Lol As I go thru the specs, I know for sure we will get the Merc 200, all of the lighting and stereo upgrades, a live well, the stabilizer rough water packages, an extra long bimini...come to think of it, it is harder to list the upgrades we don't want
  14. Thank you all for being so welcoming, your great input, and helping us out! I think we settled on the boat we are going to get. The dealer says it can be ready in August. The 24' SSBXP in charcoal with a black accent. I'm so excited to join your gang and give in to the PADS!!!