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  1. Do you live in Oshkosh? We are there most every weekend.
  2. Does anyone no a company that makes canopy enclosures for Bennington?
  3. I have a question to everyone who's running 22-27' Pontoons and are dealing with large lakes in windy conditions with docking. I have a shore station lift, nice lift. I went with the bunks and center guide ons and realized that wasn't working and have now added side guide ons that are adjustable up down and forward. It also has 4 verticals tubes that stand high to protect the side of the pontoon. I pushed the side guide ons out as far as I could because when they weren't out that far the front of the pontoon would hit the lift. My lift guy didn't have them high enough; they where in the water when the pontoon came off the lift. So I have them about 6-7" to the top from the water line to help catch the toons Its way easier to put my V shaped Lund in the lift than a square into a square with a 8-15 mph cross wind. Any advise? How do you approach the lift when you have a heavy cross wind? Against it?
  4. Good point, I was thinking about that as well. If there going to make the Pontoons to perform at those speeds you'd think they could design it to take a little more water. The wall of water hit all the way to the top and because the railing has smaller spacings up from the bottom panel they are fine. Boat House ordered the panel separate its was $350 plus Tax and then labor to drop the shield panels below and unbolt the bench seat.
  5. Guess that depends on how we are moving. Because I have the EPS Tri Tune and my front end is higher I've mostly had the front end/ front left side into the wakes. On the river people tend to ride just like cars always to the right of on coming boats.
  6. My insurance company mentioned that as well, but I did not get his boat number. I didn't see the damage until the next morning. Has anyone heard of a fix or reinforcement.
  7. I just got our 2017 Bennington G25 GPD this year and 2 weeks after I had it my front port side panel is pushed in. Are pontoon deck to deck is 27' long and with the ESP Tri Tune Hull it can handle a heavy chop. But we boat on a very large water system Lake Winnebago, Butte des Morts, Winniconee and Lake Poygan which is about 165,000 acres of water not including the Fox and Wolf Rivers that tie into this system. So that allows very large boats 30,40,50' cruisers and always 130 mph speed boats. I had 6 people in the front and my wife and i in the middle, we where boating down the Fox River to Winnebago coming out of a no wake and i had 3 40' speed boats behind me. I decided to get out ahead of them and move way to the right, of course they blew by us extremely fast, as we got closer to the 44 Bridge and a no wake there was a lot of waves there from the speed boats. We where all waiting for a very large cruiser that raised the bridge to come thru, when he did he didnt wait till he cleared all the boats, he floored it and created a 4-5' wake, the front of the pontoon got pummeled by the wake. My upper panels are fine but the lower larger panel Pushed in 4". There was nothing I could have done. I believe my Lund fishing boat would have taken a 2' wake over its sides to. This weekend we traveled 3 hours up the wolf river and back and i got stuck behind another big cruiser, this time i was behind the boat and i backed off him at least 40-50', when they took off again the guy floored it, i thought i was far enough back but the wake came over the deck, not as high or forceful. It cleaned the crumbs of the flooring I'm wondering if there is a way to reinforce the lower panel in a way that bennington will approve when i go in at the end of the year to have the panel replaced? My suggestion would be to install a 16-18ga pcs of sheet metal/stainless or aluminum ( thinner diamon plate) in back of the aluminum siding. Or install some type of verticle pcs of alumumn rod or bar. Obviously the plastic molded bench seat isn't doing anything and I believe it is allowing a to much hollow gap behind the curved panel. To close i will say that i have to be a better defensive pontoon driver, im going to try to avoid these boats as much as possible, we get very high winds as well and the water system is shallow, 2,3,4 foot white caps are common. It's hard enough to get the 27' long pontoon into a Shore Station Lift Sorryt it wouldn't let me down load the picture of dent