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  1. Thanks for the ideas and the pics!
  2. I sure will. Heard more definitively from my dealer who has been keeping me well-informed. Build date is no later than 7/21 and then we will hopefully have delivery that same weekend (or the following).
  3. That makes sense. I have noticed some early signs of PADS already. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I know it will be worth the wait. The whole family is looking forward to it. I will keep you posted on our progress. TBL
  5. Yes. Thank you very much. Helps to know this information. Sorry I missed that post. Just excited to join the Bennington family! TBL
  6. Hi all. Have been trolling for for a bit and have really appreciated all the excellent information shared on this site. At the end of April we ordered a new Bennington. Nothing fancy, but really looking forward to floating and fishing the river in the new boat. Have only owned v-hull/bass fishing rigs previously. We have ordered a 21SF with reclining captain chairs in the front. Basic Yamaha 50hp on the back. When ordered, we were given a 6/16/17 build date and told delivery up to MN would be "mid to late July." My error, did not include the dates in the contract. Just heard Bennington is backed up and new build date is 7/21/17. To me that sounds like another Friday date thrown out there. I have a call in to our dealer as I was working when he called this morning (he has been keeping us informed) and have asked for a guaranteed delivery date. We were fine with the mid/late July date back in April/May because I coach our boys' baseball team and we are running with that until July 24th. But we have a short boating season here in MN, so I would hate to see the delivery date slide to late August/Sept. Have others heard that builds are backed up at Bennington? I know our package is not a high priority for Bennington, but we of course are excited. I can't wait to work on rigging it and using what I have learned here to make improvements. :-) Thanks much! TBL