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  1. That's the basic size I use and they work well. These come with quality line as well. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MSNGYE6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I finally tried this on my 2016 F-150 and I'm sold. No more sore neck (I'm old) trying to see. I've been backing trailers my whole life and this fantastic. We have a really long ramp that can get crowded and the computer keeps that trailer dead on straight. I trailer my boat to a storage unit near the ramp and backing into that narrow garage is now a piece of cake. I was too stubborn and proud, but not anymore!
  3. Very beautiful boat, congratulations!
  4. I'm with you, but that power unit sounds nice. I believe it is the same one that is an option on new boats. With that said, my computer must be broken, every time I do a build on Bennington's website, I'm at $80k..
  5. Were you able to find one that worked and if so, how do you like it? I have an '07 2275GL. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I recently purchased a 2007 2275 GL and can't believe how much we are enjoy just being on the lake, cruising around and swimming with the dogs. Being careful of getting too much sun, I'm considering adding a second/front Bimini. Since the costs are fairly high I was hoping to get some feedback from those with experience with the front Bimini, what you think about it and if you think it would be worth it to add one? It would not be for rain protection, just for sun. I've looked at quite a few options and for a quality Bimini, it gets a bit tougher to source in the 8.5 foot width. After making a drawing with all the measurements, it looks like I'm down to a Bennington OEM or an electric PWR-ARM II. The Bennington OEM frame and hardware kit with shipping is $724 and a local boat upholstery shop gave a price of ~$1000 for the fabric and adding a zipper to the old top so they tie together, so call it $2,000 total all in. The PWR-ARM will work at just under $800, but I would have to remount the existing Bimini back as far as possible and have the PWR-ARM fold toward the bow. So a lot of money or a lot of work. So far, the only downside to buying the boat is I keep looking at the Bennington site and building different combinations for a new boat lol. Thanks for your input! Mike
  7. From the Faria website.. Engine Running Only hourmeters by Faria Beede have an icon in the left hand corner of the display. The icon lets the operator know that hours are being displayed. During normal operations the icon displays solid when the key is on and the engine has not yet been started. Turning the engine on activates the counting function. The icon will begin to blink indicating that the hourmeter is currently counting hours for the connected engine. This is normal.
  8. Gave the dealer my hull number and they had them in stock. The ebay listing is a rip-off, I think I paid about $35 for 4 of them.