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  1. We can do black. Look up Havasu on here, he has posted pics of the very first PTM Edge black bracket.
  2. I know this is an old post but great write up WaveRunner!! How is the combo holding up? If you ever have any problems with the mirror or bracket contact us here at PTM Edge and we will either repair or replace at no charge. 865-425-0600 ext 124.
  3. Nice white bracket CWag... Did you have that powder coated?
  4. We are about 2 weeks away from having a clamp on mount that fits over the new model rails. We were just informed that our mount was not fitting and very close to having it made readily for the public. We had our very first one machined this week, having it anodized and then a water test before we can go public. Should be ready soon. On a side note. The UCX 17 PRO works wonderful if you don't mind drilling 4 small holes in the fiberglass.
  5. Looks awesome Havasu!! We definitely love happy customers!