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  1. Thank you for the response and yes, great advice. Just need to keep at it. It does seem that each Time we go out it gets a little more comfortable
  2. I do have a hook and I use it to pull up the ladder and have used it to grab the cleat....my wife.....

  3. I appreciate all the advice and I actually do have a hook. I use it mainly to pull the ladder up in back instead of bending over.....yep, pretty lazy. Great suggestions on the docking and I will keep practicing.
  4. Thank you for responding and I will definitely do this.
  5. Thank you very much and I will try this. It's getting better.
  6. I appreciate the response and will work on it. Having a great time
  7. Just purchased my first pontoon boat, 24 ft SSRX. I am new to docking in either slips or just pulling all along side of a dock. Do you guys have any suggestions that will help me learn how to dock a boat? I went out yesterday and practiced on a dock that is being built for a new home. My problem is figuring out how to come in to a dock at a 45° angle and turn in and have the stern go towards the dock. I get more comfortable each time I go out with the basics but the docking part is not coming along as fast as I would like.