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  1. Really Sharp looking, happy for you SemperFi
  2. Another EZ Fender fan
  3. dodgeram, the fuel gauge is not great with accuracy as it is just a float in the gas tank. On my 2012R it is very easy to access, I had a problem with the float stuck at the top; I unscrewed it and slid the float up and down, put it back together and no problems since
  4. Taking care of things is somewhat dependent on how much you love them as when I track beach sand into my Jeep Grande Cherokee I am in no rush to clean it, was just never really into cars, yet I clean my boat every weekend and the upholstery is spotless my 2012 looks like the first day we bought it
  5. BK, you are mistaken as they are not 657's, they are only 627's so it is probably not as fast as you thought it would be
  6. If I ever saw a guy lifting my 500 pound Yamaha off of the back of boat I would hold open the swing gate for him before I would get in a fight with him
  7. Just received the new digital issue of PDB and lo and behold once again our favorite celebrity has a full page on CWag depicting his service to our country. Not sure if the link will work on the forum but here it is. You definitely want to see it as it has some pictures from the 70s of him [1970]
  8. Feel the same way about drones but also love the pictures and video they take
  9. Seacrets looks great! Good price on oysters raw bar, makes me miss Cocoa Beach especially with the rainy & cool weather right now
  10. Mooring ball, Do you swim in?
  11. Wow Lakeliving, can't believe your son is almost 2 years old already
  12. Contact your local Bennington dealer
  13. I put the anchor in the bag and use a large one of these for the rope
  14. There's the answer why you couldn't do it Tex, Thanks Jack. Tex do you want me to delete all your pix and you can start over?