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  1. jmoreland, can't really remember and don't want to tell you wrong but they are only available through Bennington Dealers so give yours a call
  2. Michele, it will make a difference as I added the express toon to my 2 toon 2012RlL. There is a stat somewhere that will state how many extra ponds of buoyancy you will get from adding the express toon. Someone correct me but I think it was around 600 pounds. I added the express toon rather than the full third toon mainly due to the cost difference, IMO for the price of the third toon I think I would have sold my boat and bought a new one. When I added the express toon I also added underskinning and between that and the express toon I greatly increased the quality of my ride, additionally I also picked up about 5 mph. If buying new the express toon should not even be a consideration but to add it to a used boat I thought it was well worth it.
  3. That is a great color combination
  4. Happy Birthday Mrs L
  5. Agreed that it doesn't look too bad, sand it and forget it
  6. Welcome back 1trotter, this is a unique but not uncommon strain of PADS where the one infected becomes dazed and confused but then regains his sanity
  7. 20 is too fast lakeliving . I like slow cruising around 10mph
  8. Ingenious
  9. Congratulations SpoiledRotten
  10. I hope we are getting Mark L. back! Weather has finally broke I hope your using the heck out of your Benny!

    1. Link


      Hopefully he will buy a Q with a 350 on the back.  As for me I have only been on the boat once due to a family medical condition.  

    2. BobP1965


      So sorry to hear that. The weather has started off so bad this season. I have not boated much myself. I hope your family is all well soon.

  11. Happy Birthday Indian Lake Bum
  12. Scary to dock in tight spaces when not used to it. A good friend of mine got his first ever boat, a pontoon and he bought a trailer at a large RV resort. The marina there being short on space as the RV park grew had placed the docks tightly packed row after row. Each row had fingers that held two boats per finger. He had to drive in between the tight rows and literally had to make a 90 degree turn into his space. When I went out on his boat and saw how difficult it was to dock I didn't offer to dock it for him. He would make his kids dive off the boat and swim to the dock with the long dock lines and get pulled in. After a while of being forced to make that 90 degree turn he was able to do so. His secret was Practice, Practice, Practice. Made me go back to my dock which I can come in straight and practice coming in at sharp angles. There are side thrusters that can be added to a pontoon, I believe they are around $3000. I would not give up the cantilevered space but would use an empty mooring ball and practice docking next to it. I did so early-early morning and am now proud how I can dock my boat in most any situation
  13. $250 thru Boat US/Geico
  14. Because all of our marinas are selling what they call Marine Grade (ethanol but treated) I carry it in, I have to buy 91 octane but it is ethanol free. Think price is $2.89 but would gladly pay more if I could get it on the lake rather than dragging 5 gallon tanks to boat
  15. Ryan, I own a 2012 RL. Mine was originally just 2 25" pontoons nd I could do about 28mph the first year, after a couple of years I could only do about 25 even after cleaning the toons. I then decided to add the express toon package and my speed was then about 30. You have the elliptical toons which is the fastest set up for wot. Although I am a slow cruiser, 15mph, I still wish I had bought the 150. I don't tow inflatables or anything but occasionally I get a late start for happy hour and wish I could hurry. I bought the 115 based on my dealers advice although I now think he was afraid the extra $6,000 might blow his sale. I wrote an article on the biggest bang for the buck see it here; If the boat you are looking at comes with the 115 already on it I would just buy it and be happy. If you have the option of placing a 150 on it by all means do it