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  1. New boat on order

    Alicedream you are going to love the illumination, I love going out at night with friends and lighting it up
  2. Maniac, I am a slow speed cruiser and I only have cable. IMO it is not a problem in the least, in fact if I were to buy another boat with a 115HP or less I would rather spend the money on some other accessory rather than assisted steering
  3. 2017 Boat Shows

    Agreed Blderbob, I am still happy with my Benny as well. Lets hope I don't see too many pictures of guys taking possession of their new boats this spring
  4. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    I saw a guy cutting mine as we were leaving for the beach
  5. Guess the part?

    Nice work Mr G, of course I would expect that out a guy that owned4 sanders
  6. Anyone know the height of these things???

    I think it is more like 150" Bulldog, not that I don't want you to sell your boat so I might make an offer next year
  7. Looks like I'm upgrading

    Congratulations Mtud, going to be a great summer. My only must have would be the Underdeck wave shield as it will provide a much smoother ride
  8. Storing Cover and Poles, etc.

    My friend has an Sli and he keeps his in where the privacy is which he doesn't really use. Since I like to keep that area clear as I use my privacy setup with a commode I am fortunate that my mooring cover and poles fit in under my helm
  9. Cover Rear of Boat and Motor in Wet Slip

    Joelpd, do you have a mooring cover? If not I would invest in one, you can check with a local Bennington dealer or have a local canvas shop make one for you. Many on here have purchased covers for the outboard motors although personally I have not and my 2012 Yamaha engine looks fine
  10. I was able to solve that IndianLakeBum by using that cup holder to hold a tall thin can of Mich Ultra and then using the usb cable I drop my phone on the floor and cover it with my shirt
  11. IMG-0401.PNG

    Wow, just WOW, I really like it in white versus the beige
  12. Good info Jack. Glad I take the effort to only use 100% as with my slow rate of travel I don't burn through my fuel very quickly
  13. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    I understand Rockie, I put my pool in for the same reason as you. Never regretted my decision to take care of my father for the last 10 years of his life. I actally think I got more out of it then the effort I had to put into it
  14. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    Just spoke with a friend from home, they upped the snow forecast for Albany to 10 - 16"