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  1. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Great Video SemperFi, actually I probably go slower than you and I love it. My friend Phil is a speed demon and I really don't enjoy riding on his boat as you really can't talk. Plus sometimes I spill my Mich Ultra
  2. Winter over yet in Michigan...?

    We are enjoying Florida so much that we have decided to not go back toNY until early June so I also will have a very short boating season. Torn in our decision
  3. Soft cover suggestions?

    Posted before but for those nights I don't want to cover but want to protect my electronics; I bought this truck bed cover at Home Depot. Comes with the elastic cords with clips so you can secure it pretty tight without worrying it will blow off
  4. The swingback is what hooked us

    I can see why, that's one beautiful boat
  5. Pontoon versus Tritoon

    Be a lot happier spending that 4 then one with a long trail of 0's after it
  6. New delivery - 21SFX

    It's a Bennington, you will be thrilled. Post some pix
  7. 22 SCWX vs 24 SCWX - Deck Length?

    I have sent an inquiry to Bennington concerning this
  8. Happy Birthday TomS, enjoy Florida for your birthday celebration & good luck on house hunting Happy Birthday to you as well JPL
  9. Pontoon versus Tritoon

    I do believe that tritoons are replacing two toons, hell I am oldenough to remember when it was only one toon and laughedwhen I first saw a two tooed boat
  10. Sorry to hear tcpip, first case of forced PADS. Good luck with the shopping
  11. Dealer call back

    Depends on time of year as well as this is the busy season. If your boat is unusable would be less time rather than longer
  12. Yamaha Controls Question

    Same as Chrisbert, is a little difficult to tell but thought that was just part of a nice smooth operation versus my friends old clunker that groans & croaks with a jerkwhen switching between any gears
  13. 2017 SCWX Quote: Best price?

    TCpip, just looked at your quote again and didn't see the salt water package??
  14. 2017 SCWX Quote: Best price?

    Why guess? Send it to your local dealer and ask for a price