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  1. Key West

    Good Ideas but I am very happy with where I am in Florida. Being a tourist town Cocoa Beach has so many festivals and things to do. Only problem is I came down here with no gut at all and because we go out basically every day I have put on over 10 pounds and now have a gut which I hate
  2. Key West

    I took a look at house prices in Key Westlast night. I am no longer tempted
  3. IMG_1254.JPG

    That is Gorgeous, can't wait to see a pix of her with the cover off
  4. Golf Carts Nev's

    Gorgeous Mr G. Have been considering a golf cart for our Florida home but afraid I would get lazy and use it too much rather than walking
  5. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    I use the super siphon and it works great. I haul which is a PIA, not to save money as I can only buy Premium ethanol free which is around the price of Marina gas which is corn with treatment. I do it for my boat. Carrying two 5-gallon gas cans is good for me as well
  6. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!
  7. Boat name voting

    Was away for a few days and didn't get a chance but I do like your choice
  8. Key West

    our 3-day trip to Key West
  9. IMG-6352.JPG

    From the album Key West 2017

  10. IMG-6328.JPG

    From the album Key West 2017

    Sloopy Joe's opened 12/5/33, the day prohibition ended. Was Ernest Hemmingway's favorite hang out
  11. IMG-6314.JPG

    From the album Key West 2017

    Closer to Havanah than Miami
  12. IMG-6307.JPG

    From the album Key West 2017

    Gators at National Park
  13. New To The Site

    Welcome Aboard