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  1. I removed the bench seat on the bow of our GCW a couple years ago and I believe there were screws thru the rails/fence.
  2. I think the bow eye refers to the eyelet beneath the deck in the front on center. The pontoon eyelets are different, if I'm not mistaken.
  3. I took the bimini and cover off yesterday, too, to bring home and wash. I think we have had it open once in four years. Yesterday was twice and it was filthy. There were lots of nasty spider nests and a couple hornet nests. Scrubbed and washed them today and they look good as new. Applying 303 protectant tomorrow.
  4. You could try and push it out yourself. I took a wave over the front last year and it dented the front port side. I didn't realize it until after the fact a few days later. I removed the seat and it pushed right back out. It is barely noticeable where it got dented in. You have to look really hard to see any evidence of it. I spoke to my dealer and they said sometimes they don't pop out and stay out, so they place foam backing with adhesive between the fence and seat to hold it out. Worth a try unless you want to go the insurance route. I think I have before and after pictures. I'll see if I can find them.
  5. When we first got ours, 2012 GCW with Yamaha 150, the gauge would only show it down 3/4 of the way, even though it was all they way down. The dealer did some type of adjustment, I'm not sure of the specifics, and it's been fine since.
  6. I think I would enjoy that center storage and and larger gas tank, too. It seems like we are constantly filling up the tank.
  7. We have 2275 with twin ellipticals, lifting strakes, underskining, and a 150. With just my wife and I close to 40 MPH depending on conditions. I don't know any different, haven't been on a different pontoon or different pontoon setup, but we tube and ski without a problem. The 200 wasn't available when we got ours, and I wouldn't get less than a 150 even if we weren't using for skiing and tubing.
  8. Ok, thanks. I had no clue. I did a search, but couldn't seem to find an answer.
  9. I went through the settings this weekend since the battery was disconnected over the winter and noticed there is a low battery voltage alarm built in, just like the depth alarm, where you can set it to a specific voltage. I have no clue what number to set it at or if it is even that useful. Does anyone have any recommendations? I can't recall the range, but it could be set down to the tenth, I remember. We have a 2012 GCW with only the stock radio and fish finder on if we are anchored and relaxing without the engine running. We've never had an issue, but thought it might be something good to have set since this is our fourth season. Thanks. Sorry about the double post. I can't seem to delete one, mods feel free to do it.
  10. I have hydraulic without power steering on a GCW with a 150. I can't compare it to cable or power because I have had neither, but I don't think it's difficult to turn. I don't get tired out from steering. When I'm skiing or on the tube, my wife is driving and she has never complained about it. I agree that the wheel doesn't spin in my hands if I let go and I don't feel like I'm fighting making turns. Maybe I just don't know what I am missing with the power steering. We ski and tube with adults, teens, and younger kids.
  11. To get 15% enter "2015" into the promotion box. I just tried it on a box anchor and it worked. Actually, you'll be calling, so it will be over the phone.
  12. I used the same site as Jack to price match and also used a coupon back in June. Call again, maybe you will get a different person.
  13. We have a small and I swear by it. We use it on a 2275 GCW. It holds well in the wind on a sand/mud/grass bottom. There is no comparison to the anchor we were given when we got the boat. I may have well as tied a rope around a ball the way that thing rolled around. We were constantly drifting. Not an issue since getting the box anchor. Only down side is I have to physically clean the mud/sand off of it when bringing it up, it really sticks to it, but well worth it. We have held two boats without issue, as well. If you're thinking of getting one, get a price match from the previous mentioned website at Overton's, and then use a coupon from Overton. I think my price was about $120 with tax/shipping.
  14. Yes, it does seem to be slow this morning.
  15. I use roll off, as well. It has removed bug stains, dirt, food, etc, without issue.