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Found 6 results

  1. I have went back to the Bennington site to look at the cup holder led lights. I am jealous, btw, that the 2017 specs are RBG lights instead of just Blue Ice. We got a 2017 build, but still have the blue ice lighting only, which got me thinking. I am wondering if our cup holder lights came from the factory or if they were an add on by the dealer. Our dealer did say that they do add some of the things after market to keep cost down, however, I thought they product would be the same if we had it listed in our build price from the website. So, what do yours look like? Our have a white ring inserted in the cup holder part, which I don't like because it takes up space from the cup holder. The light glows from inside the cup holder, not around like the pics on the bennington site. We also got the new 2017 seating in the Bow, which we didn't expect and it has a cup holder on either side of the speaker recessed into the curve of the boat seating (very nice feature). These cup holders are not lighted, however the speakers are... Thanks guys!
  2. Hope someone can assist with information. I want to add some Blue LED lighting under the seats to my 2016 2575QSB which I have found some strips for. However, unsure how I should wire those up. It would be very difficult to run wiring back to the helm as I see no open path for getting the wires back. What I'm curious to know is if can I tap that wiring into the wiring from the LED speakers so that it would go on with that switch, and if I can and do that, will that allow the dimming of those lights when I dim the speakers as well? Has anyone tried or done what I would like to do. Also I noticed that under all the seats they are lined in the front (which looks like it has to be removed to get access to the speakers, is that difficult to remove and put back? Thanks for anyone and all feedback.
  3. Tomorrow I get access to my boat to start my projects. I spent the winter spending all my money on boat upgrades. So here is list for the next few weeks: under the seat lights - blue to match the other blue lights underwater lights - 4 DS lights from Garmin 53DV and other goodies... I am so ready to get started!
  4. I ran all the wiring needed to add in the LED cup holders and speakers. Im searching for the best way too light up the cup holders. Has anyone added this before? I see some with LED in the cup holder itself. There are after market rings to put around the existing cup holders or I can buy the factory style cup holder that shines both in and out of the cup holder. Suggestions?? Pics possibly of different setups??
  5. Hello, Does anyone know where I can get the factory rocker switches on the helm panel? preferably with text customization?
  6. On the new 2014, there is a toggle switch for dim / bright for mood lighting. Is this something that can be done with existing mood lighting on the 2013 models? I realize it's a 3 way toggle, maybe there is a resister wired in before the output to the lights? Has anyone done this with an empty toggle switch?