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Found 3 results

  1. To keep it short... I purchased a new Bennington tritoon with Shark Skin treatment. Boat with 175 Yamaha was easily doing 40 mph. Boat is kept by a dock in water. Within a month top speed down to 22 mph. Took boat out and cleaned with mild soap and pressure wash. Speed increase some but not to original performance. My dealer says algae eats away at the Shark Skin. My marina kids me that Shark Skin is to boats what undercoating is to used car dealers. Question: Should I just acid wash the toons and forget I ever got the Shark Skin? Anyone else ever hear of such a performance decline from algae in so little time? Thanks in advance. No rush. Boat stored in doors until late April
  2. Hi, I'm brand new to the Bennington forums, but I used to spend a lot of time over at PDB Forums years back. Love the boat, the speed, not so much. Should have held out for a 150HP, but it was a great deal and have had it for years. Like the title says, we've got a 2250RL with a Mercury 4 Stroke 115HP. It's always been a good runner, but never has had the performance numbers that it should. I've never been able to get it up to 6000rpm. I've had three different boats Outboard Tri-hull, I/O Deep V and now Outboard Pontoon and I know the "exact right" prop can make a world of difference.... When I bought the boat (used) it had a 15P Alum prop on it (Merc, I believe) I got the following speed vs. rpm curve. Speed was gps. The figures below are the average of a number of runs. RPM MPH 2000 7.9 2500 10.8 3000 14.6 3500 16.7 4000 19.6 4400 21.2 I knew I needed to be a LOT closer to 6000rpm at WOT, motor was lugging etc. So I changed to a 13P Merc Alum. prop. and get the following: RPM MPH 2000 7.8 2500 9.2 3000 13.3 3500 15.1 4000 17.6 4500 19.4 4800 21.2 (sometimes, with the wind 4900 to 5000rpm) It runs better, but still not what it should be. In looking at old test reports etc., pontoon waterglide, 3 rd toons etc all way too expensive I found lots of reports of 15P props and boats with 115HP clocking 24,- 28MPH. A Yamaha report of a 2274GLi w/ a Yamaha 115 14.25 x 14 SS topped out at 27MPH. Any thoughts or recommendations on props or other ideas? Thanks in advance for your advice and ideas! Looks like a great forum.
  3. We just ordered the 2014 Bennington 2350 RBR with the SPS Performance package 3rd toon. We have ordered a Yamaha F115 engine. Does anyone know how this engine will perform? Planing / speed? We really won't be skiing or boarding behind. Just cruising. Any advice?