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Found 10 results

  1. Looking for a wiring diagram for 2013 2275 GCW so I can find horn wiring
  2. I'm wanting to install an amplifier for the speakers and a sub. Does anyone know how to get power & ground wires from the battery area to the stereo compartment?
  3. I just purchased a new 2017 Bennington SSRX about a month ago. I'm having the center plastic console piece on the helm custom made so I can remove the gauges and put in my Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch. I'm also going to wire the NEMA 2000 to it to get engine data. i was looking under the boat while I was in the water and trying to find the best route to run new wires. The current fish finder has it on the port side running into the pontoon and no idea from there. It looks like underneath is it covered by metal to keep water from hitting the wood floor. Does anyone have pictures of them running wires to the helm or give any suggestions? Is it possible to do while in the water since I don't have a trailer?
  4. Ok guys and gals, here goes, I have searched and read through pages of material and I still have some questions about wiring an amplifier. I have a 2013 2275 RCW with the dual battery set-up and the BlueSea 150 distribution block. I am mounting a Sub and amplifier in the console and the amplifier is a 200Watt MB Quart. Some of my questions are as follows: 1. I want to run the positive and negative wires back to the BlueSea distribution block, is this possible and if so what size/type of fuse recommendation? 2. What gauge wire would be recommended, is 4 good? 3. With the under deck wave shield, what route did some of you take with the wiring?
  5. Hope someone can assist with information. I want to add some Blue LED lighting under the seats to my 2016 2575QSB which I have found some strips for. However, unsure how I should wire those up. It would be very difficult to run wiring back to the helm as I see no open path for getting the wires back. What I'm curious to know is if can I tap that wiring into the wiring from the LED speakers so that it would go on with that switch, and if I can and do that, will that allow the dimming of those lights when I dim the speakers as well? Has anyone tried or done what I would like to do. Also I noticed that under all the seats they are lined in the front (which looks like it has to be removed to get access to the speakers, is that difficult to remove and put back? Thanks for anyone and all feedback.
  6. Just got our 2250 GPD a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! Traded in an older Benny for this one and its just perfect for us! One thing I'd like to do now that I've been on the water for the past two weekends, is rewire the switches a bit. My current configuration has the following: One switch is for the table and galley "mood lighting" - when that's on, the Kicker speakers also light up. One switch is for the cupholder lighting. I have a couple of "empty" switches that I'm assuming are there for features I didn't add like perimeter lighting, power bimini top, etc. I'd like to move the speaker lighting to its own switch. I haven't really got under the helm to look at the switches yet but anyone else done this? One other thing that would be a "nice to have" is to have a dimmer on the table and galley lighting. Its nice but in the dark, its a bit overwhelming! Thanks to all on this great forum!
  7. Hello everyone. I just signed the check for a 2275 GCW , year 2012 with a 115HP. Since I bought it so late in the season, we decided to take advantage of the free winterization and stored it for the winter. Now the itch to enjoy it is torturing me! I have been all over the boat and this website, looking to learn the features of the boat. I'm sure I will have dozens of questions for you experienced owners but I will start with this one... While under the boat, I noticed a wire or two that terminate under the boat. Can anyone explain what these wires are for ? Thanks in advance for all your help. Jim Waretown , NJ
  8. Anyone have access to a wiring diagram or "what wire goes to what" for a 2003 Bennington helm key switch?
  9. 2012 Bennington R2550 Installed Rockford Fosgate Amp and sub-woofer, has Sony CDX-M60 Source unit. Radio plays perfectly. When I plug in Ipod via USB or front input I lose remote signal to amp. Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated.
  10. I have spare wire rolled up and secured under the floor, in the area near rhe helm seat but port side, what option was this intended for? I have a spare switch on the console which may go to the wire. I have a 2013 2275SF model, this wire is pretty long 3ft or more. Thanks And happy thanksgiving