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  1. spinzone


    Any forum members have recommendations (based on experience) on new batteries? My two batteries are at the 3yr mark and I figure for piece of mind, I'm going to replace them both now. These diehard marine 27s have been flawless thus far but I'm reading some not so positive reviews now. I...
  2. spinzone

    Siphoning Fuel

    To my mechanically savvy fellow forum members, Any tips on draining or siphoning fuel from my tank? I learned my lesson of big city living and storing my boat with a full tank of fuel. During the winter storage, someone decided that my boat was an easy target to steal fuel from. I checked on...
  3. spinzone

    Bennington & Yamaha

    I just read a post on another forum that Bennington is Yamaha's largest consumer world-wide. Thought that was pretty interesting considering the number of boat builders world-wide and the significant representation of Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, & Evinrude on this forum. If it is true, that's...
  4. spinzone

    National Operation Dry Water starts this weekend.

    Fellow boaters, this weekend is National Operation Dry Water Campaign countrywide. Expect to see an increased presence of marine patrol out in force looking for BUIs. "This year all 56 states, trusts and territories are expected to participate."...
  5. spinzone

    Pontoon song

    Safe to say it's not a Benny. Just realized video can't be seen on iPhone. It's Little Big Town's Pontoon song.
  6. spinzone

    Long Weekend

    I hope everyone had a great weekend an made it home safely. Don't let getting back to reality sting too badly!
  7. spinzone

    Carolina Members... I need your help!

    In addition to having a son almost a week ago, I found out at 5:00pm today that I got a VP job with my company in Charlotte. Currently trying to convince the wife to live in the country or on a lake. Any suggestions on suburbs of Charlotte in NC or SC I should be looking which will be Bennington...
  8. spinzone

    Sea Tow APP

    Though Sea Tow is not in my area, I recently read about their free smartphone app, which coincidentally won the best app of the year award. It shows tides, weather, compass, speedometer, as well will allow you to contact Sea Tow through the app for a ride home! Hopefully no one on this forum...
  9. spinzone

    Are you sure you don't need straps?

    I've read posts in the past from people who were told pontoon boats are too heavy to bounce off a trailer. Well not so fast. Those transom straps may have prevented this.
  10. spinzone

    Express Tubes

    My dealer knew how upset I was this year when he turned me down on adding strakes. He informed me yesterday that adding the express tube w/strakes shouldn't be a difficult task. He's currently working numbers for me but if it's less than $2500, I'm going to pull the trigger. Has anyone added...
  11. spinzone

    Stiletto Props

    Does anyone have any experience with these props? I've found an eBay dealer who's selling new at a super price.
  12. spinzone

    Benny projects including LEDs

    Since I could not add strakes to my boat and buying a bigger motor is almost worthless without strakes, I decided to do some updates to my boat. I guess I had money burning a hole in my pocket. I added a 2nd deep cycle battery, with Blue Sea switch, solenoid, and onboard charger from Pro...
  13. spinzone

    Cinci boat show

    Went to the Cincinnati boat show today. As much as I love my boat, the layout and design of the 2550 RCL is top notch. I think my wife is trying to convince me to trade up already!
  14. spinzone

    Polished Pontoons

    I didn't want to hijack Lakebum's thread, so here is another thread with pics of polished toons. $600 for the outsides, nose cones and stern end caps polished. Please forgive the quality of the photos (I should have saved them in original quality, they look grainy). They were shot from inside...
  15. spinzone

    Prop forum

    To our mods, I read the forum several times a day and one thing I notice is that we have numerous "prop" advice questions on a regular basis. As the site and our membership expands, would it be possible to add a prop section to the forum to keep these questions and their answers in one place? It...
  16. spinzone


    Thanks T.B. for posting the link to the articles on E15 in the Helpful Hints section. I had read elsewhere that many of the IOs and Outboards in the deterioration tests did not even survive a 1 year simulation. Also, this stuff will be forced upon us as early as December. Once again, this is...
  17. spinzone

    Spotlight for night boating

    My 2 yr old spotlight died on me and I need to replace it. I figured I would defer to the experiences on this board. I don't much care about the price tag but am looking for a good reliable light to keep on board. Any recommendations?
  18. spinzone

    Finally, Mercury makes a pontoon specific prop!

    From Mercury Marine unveils the Spitfire aluminum propeller Aug 08, 2011 Mercury Propellers is proud to introduce “Spitfire,” Mercury’s first four-blade aluminum performance propeller designed for boaters using 25 hp to 125 hp outboards. Spitfire provides the best...
  19. spinzone

    Small Engine Envy

    I wanted to share some info on fuel economy as gas prices were $4.89 at the marina this past week. Went to the lake with two other couples and we all filled up at the same marina with the same fuel. We decided to go to dinner exactly 22.0 miles from our dock and measure the amount of fuel burned...
  20. spinzone

    AL Bennington representation

    I hope that Team Bennington pays attention to this. My family and I spent a weekend down at Lake Martin, AL for the 4th. They are the self proclaimed "Pontoon Capital of the U.S.". I would have to agree as I saw 5 to 1 pontoon boats (and 1,000 at that) on this lake. One thing I did notice was...