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  1. DaveyJ

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Looked like it would be a decent game for a while....Lance looks to be a hell of a player
  2. DaveyJ

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Wife and I both graduated from NDSU. Go Bison!!
  3. DaveyJ

    Captains Chair Pivot Lock Bypass!!

    Mine flipped down works perfectly
  4. DaveyJ

    What kind of trailer do I want?

    Most manufacturers have a Tritoon kit that converts a 2 bunk trailer. It was a $350 adder for the one on mine.
  5. DaveyJ

    Any idea where I could buy a replacement galley container?

    Bought 2 for our boat last year, keep a spare under the helm
  6. DaveyJ

    Rear Cleat Tightening

    Here's the thread where I posted the info on the purchase and the install.
  7. DaveyJ

    Rear Cleat Tightening

    I replaced my standard cleats with pull up cleats recently and had to drill out 3 rivets to remove the filler piece between the rub rail and the trim at the top of the toons to access them. One on each side. Just replaced them with new rivets when I was done.
  8. DaveyJ

    Color Change

    Looks great!
  9. DaveyJ

    Installed powered sub today

    Did mine that way as well. 2 years in and no issues.
  10. DaveyJ

    New Build Help

    Just over 30% off MSRP sounds like a great price to me! Also in the same ballpark as one recent post....
  11. DaveyJ

    Towing Help

    My truck is in the shop waiting on a diagnosis of what happened the last time I towed my boat. Likely needs a new motor, thankfully still under powertrain warranty. Do yourself a favor and get something with enough towing capacity to easily handle the boat and the frontal area combined. I was...
  12. DaveyJ

    Where does the bilge drain out?

    Mine too
  13. DaveyJ

    Poll Question for owners with snap on mooring covers

    Have 3 snaps that are pulling out but the cover is rotting away.......
  14. DaveyJ

    Question on high RPM's at WOT

    My guess is 3x13.75x17.....
  15. DaveyJ

    Color Change

    Agreed but the local quote feels like too good of deal to pass up.
  16. DaveyJ

    Color Change

    Got a quote ($1500 estimate for all and I won’t have to fool with installing snaps) from a local shop for a new mooring cover, bimini, and boot in Harbortime Edge. Have to admit that I’d never heard of it so did some research and feel good about it. 7 year warranty, waterproof, and has a...
  17. DaveyJ

    Pontoon guards

    FYI - I was just quoted $950 yesterday to do the guard and wrap on our boat.
  18. DaveyJ

    Boat Security when Away

    We're about an hour away from ours and have been for the last 4 years during the summer. In our case, we are the renters but for the entire season, not just on a week by week basis. This is our 4th year in the same cabin so we've gotten to know the neighbors very well and really love the lake...
  19. DaveyJ

    Installed powered sub today

    2 years in with no issues. I'm direct wired to the battery switch with the power antenna wire providing on/off to the sub. One thing I do is remove the sub and store it in the house during the winter when the boat is wrapped and stored outside. Figured it can't hurt.....