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  1. sunedog

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    He realized his stock was at an all time high (which was not very high in the grand scheme of things) and the cupboard was going to be bare with the graduation of Will Grier and other talent ... so he bailed to Houston. Dan Brown, former head coach of successful Div II Troy (Alabama), is our...
  2. sunedog

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    WVU obviously from my avatar and my full wrap on my former pontoon. We live 500 miles from Morgantown but have been season ticket holders for years. We missed the JMU game but plan to be at all the others. And yes, JMU should have beat us. We were lucky to get that W. We're in a...
  3. sunedog

    Hurricane Prep

    Bumping this thread to the top in case it may help anyone:
  4. sunedog

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    I'm off of I-26 in central SC about 120 miles from the coast. You're certainly welcome to drop it at my house if that would fit your plans.
  5. sunedog

    Door hinge lube?

    I spray mine at the beginning of every season with aerosol silicone.Hold a paper towel behind the hinge when you do it.
  6. sunedog

    I can be your advisor regarding adding an Express Tube to your boat

    I inquired about the cost to add a third toon to my 2275 GCX in the Spring of 2018. Don't remember the exact amount, but they basically said no with price. On top of an exorbitant cost of the toon, they wanted something like $3000 for freight to SC.
  7. sunedog

    First Pontoon Boat

    Very cool. But didn't ANYONE think to tie a dock line to that thing before launching? ;-)
  8. sunedog

    Rough water, dented front right panel!

    The loungers on my former Benny (2001 ) were surprisingly easy to remove when I redid the flooring. As I recall, just 4 or so 2" or 3" SS sheet metal/wood screws holding it to the deck.
  9. sunedog

    I figured out how "normal people" drown

    While searching for something else on another boating forum I follow, I came across this story I wrote years ago. Honestly gives me chills thinking back on that day 17 years ago. Sometimes a news report makes me wonder how seemingly normal, healthy people drown. Here is the way I nearly did...
  10. sunedog

    Replacing carpet with vinyl floor? Difficult?

    I did it to my 2001 Benny when it was about 14 years old. Took me 5 weekends and I am a seasoned DIY'er. Every single thing has to come off the deck, and some bolts are hard to access or rusty. As for the helm, don't disconnect all the wiring and control cables. Unscrew / unbolt it, cut all...
  11. sunedog

    Shark Hide...did they do it???

    Let me offer an opposing opinion to the esteemed boater from the wolverine state. While I absolutely agree with everything Jeff said in his first two paragraphs, discolored pontoons have zero impact on me if I am considering purchasing a used boat. Zero, zilch, nada. My boat sits in the water...
  12. sunedog

    Battery Sitting in Water?

    My 2001 clearly came from the factory like that. The battery sat on an aluminum battery tray welded to the transom. And stop calling me Shirley. ;-)
  13. sunedog

    Battery Sitting in Water?

    I had a 2001 2275 Benny and that's where the battery was. Mine was never in a plastic case either. Make sure the caps are pushed down tight and I don't think you'll ever have a problem with the battery. I do notice, however, the auxiliary wires to the battery on yours are just hanging and...
  14. sunedog

    Cleaning toons above the scum line

    I would acid wash. I've never used either, but hear a lot of people get good results with The Works toilet bowl cleaner from Wal-mart or some NAPA auto parts metal brightener.
  15. sunedog

    Underwater lights on toons

    Looks great. How did you attach them to your boat? I added LED lights to my boat 18 months ago and used 3M tape made to attach trim to cars. I stuck my light strips to the inside of the trim that runs the length of the boat. A week ago I noticed the strip has come loose for about two feet on...
  16. sunedog

    Cables in water

    Zip ties are your friend.
  17. sunedog

    Good Samaritan towing thread; have you towed or been towed off the lake?

    This is from two different afternoons, but 4 of these women were dancing that day. Our gang does a lot of boat dancing.
  18. sunedog

    Retractable Ski Pylon locked

    The secret is to turn it clockwise. Read this:
  19. sunedog

    Boat Covers

    What year and model boat? I have a never used one originally made for a 2013 2250 GSX for sale in this thread:
  20. sunedog

    Good Samaritan towing thread; have you towed or been towed off the lake?

    Two summers ago, my wife was out on our former Bennington, tied up with our group of friends. I was back at the house working on a project and planned to join them later. (A typical scenario for us.) She called me to advise the motor wouldn't start. I dropped what I was doing and hopped on...