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  1. 1trotter

    Polaris Inc buys Bennington

    Took 4 months for me to get a new Bimini.
  2. 1trotter

    Check in with your cruising speed, RPM, FF and range.

    I don’t like to talk about my fuel consumption LOL.
  3. 1trotter

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    We love Alabama and Carolina gamecocks in this house.
  4. 1trotter

    New Member with Questions!

    I bought a Harris Crowne and don’t think the build quality was as good as the 2 Benningtons I have owned.
  5. 1trotter

    Some other research worth considering,....tralier the pontoon,or rent a slip at the dealer!

    If it’s in the water you will use it a lot more.
  6. 1trotter

    20 ft. may not be too big afterall!

    I have been boating for 27 years. Bennington quality is above all brands. Not just the things you can see like upholstery and wood grain, the through bolted floor system creates structural strength that is unlike any other. I had a Harris crowne that was supposed to be of similar quality and...
  7. 1trotter

    Salt stain on pontoons

    A little polish and elbow grease and they will be gone.
  8. 1trotter

    Mercury Vessel View discussion thread

    Mine stopped connecting too.
  9. 1trotter

    Amp Recommendations

    JL AUDIO is second to none in my humble opinion.
  10. 1trotter

    Lucas Oil Fuel injector cleaner

    Good products from Lucas
  11. 1trotter

    SPS vs ESP Performance

    Esp will give true banking in turns like a traditional v hull boat.
  12. 1trotter

    New Build Help

    If you don’t do the vmax you will be stuck with all the what if’s !
  13. 1trotter

    Boat Security when Away

    Blink XT cameras from amazon are fantastic.
  14. 1trotter

    Buying a used Bennington

    Bennington quality is second to none.
  15. 1trotter

    2020 23RSR new build

    I have the diamond stitch on my q and love it. I think it is purely your preference.
  16. 1trotter

    Destroying my side panels when docking!

    This might help if docking alone.
  17. 1trotter

    Cost to upgrade... Frustrated?

    A good deal is when both parties engaged in it are satisfied. Enjoy your boat. You did fine ....
  18. 1trotter

    This look ok? Taking a long trip...

    A little tongue heavy is ok. Tongue light is very dangerous.