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    Performance of SL 21 with 150 Or Slx with 200

    I have a 24SSLX with a F150, Express Tube and a Reliance 15 pitch prop. My dealer sets all his engines one notch or 3/4" above the transom. I'm seeing 40 mph at 6000 rpms which is exactly the same top end as the SPS gets. SPS just handles a little better, carries a couple of more people--and...
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    What kind of trailer do I want?

    A bunk style trailer with tandem axles is the only way to go. If the boat's a full triton, 3 sets of bunks are required. If it's the Express Tube, two sets of bunks are all that's required. I'm towing my MarineMaster trailer with a 3/4 ton diesel crew cab truck with rear air bags and brakes...
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    Electrocution On Lake

    We almost lost my father to electrocution when swimming. He cut the Romex wire with the lawn mower, and didn't wear his glasses when splicing the wires white to black, black to white. The polarity really matters on electric motors, but not at all on dock lights. I knew there was a problem a...
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    20 hour break in? Going on vacation!!

    The 20 hour check is essentially an oil change and lower unit grease change. I did mine for $39 and 1/2 hour of my time. Yamaha doesn't even stipulate changing the oil filter at 20 hours. I'd hate to shake hands with the gentleman that installed that oil filter. It was torqued to incredible...
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    Dented pontoons

    The insurance company should pay to fix it. Then they'll have to litigate against whoever stored it for negligence. This is a lesson to be learned for all owners that store their boats out of the water in the off season. There is no substitute for every boat to have its own trailer. And...
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    300 HP motor on 23 RSBA Bennington

    As a point of information, how fast will the Q and a 300 Yamaha run on top end?
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    Bennington has a Deck Boat?

    The Bennington Allure boats were the most beautiful deck boats on the retail market. They just didn't sell well which tells me they were much more expensive than Hurricane which controls that market segment. We've seen a number of pontoon owners that switched to deck boats for the speed and...
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    Vinyl dye for vinyl seating

    My problem has been little pinhead stains from spider droppings (in the boathouse ceiling). I've been ordering color swatches from big vinyl sellers, but the colors don't exactly match up. One alternative would be to get under a seat and cut a small piece of vinyl. Send it to Leatherique in...
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    Only getting 4700 RPM max

    Ask your dealer to meet you at the lake with 4-5 different props. It's his responsibility to get 100% performance out of your boat. The speedometer, the tachometer and prop ventilation speak to the proper prop and engine height. Stainless props are too expensive to experiment with. My dealer...
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    Going to upgrade my garmin depth finder..

    I ordered a new depth finder online, and some thief stole it before I could install it. Remember that you've got to order a new extension cord to go with the new transducer. The OEM wiring will not work as you cannot get to the plug in to the old cord, and it was also connected to the framing...
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    Boat Security when Away

    Our community is being overtaken by meth users, and many are burglars and thieves. Their favorite places to wreak havoc is the couple of thousand lake homes that are not inhabited full time. They also love to take props, lower units, electronics and sound systems out of boats. One doctor has...
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    Is OEM vinyl available for a 2012 model Bennington?

    All of a sudden, I had about 10 cuts on the rear facing lounge bed--very light tan in color. I blame it on Big Bird, our neighborhood blue heron, for using my boathouse to watch for fish trolling by. No dogs have ever been on our boat. I also have 3-4 vinyl cuts in my seats--some of which may...
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    2010 2250 GCW with Yamaha F150 - What prop are you running?

    Mine has the 15 pitch Reliance prop and the engine is setup one notch up from flat on the transom. I'm seeing 6000 rpms and 40 mph GPS--perfect. When trimmed up to about 3/4 on the trim gauge, there's a tiny bit of prop ventilation from a dead start--just like I like. And the nose lifts high...
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    Stainless Prop Question

    I used to go through an aluminum prop every year. Switched to a stainless, and I scarcely put a scratch on it in 13 years' use. Propellers are not provided by Bennington. So you can see where dealers will often try to pass off a cheap propeller on a customer that has no idea what the...
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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    I was thinking your boat was delivered to the dealer with a get ready checklist on the boat and motor--showing serial numbers, etc. And I was thinking Bennington usually spec'd out the propeller to be used. Propellers are provided by the dealer, and sometimes they'll throw whatever prop...
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    Suzuki 350 Outboard had the same question the other day, and got a bunch of negative remarks. That's the website that specializes in salt water fishermen and mid size boats. You might want to join and filter a search to see what was said. My problem with Suzuki is that much of the U.S. don't have...
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    Refueling 2012 or newer Benne Pontoon

    I did go with the Gas Buddy 14 gallon rolling tank. Cut off the pump thing on the end of the hose. Like suggested, I drop the boat on the lift and set the tank on a park bench on my dock. It empties in 5 minutes and my 21 gallon tank gets full When cruising long distances on the river, I...
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    So Polaris is buying Bennington?

    The boat business is not the ATV/UTV business. Hopefully Polaris will make changes for the good and otherwise leave Bennington alone. I cannot imagine how complicated building pontoons/tritoons with 4 models of boats with who knows how many different toon lengths and 4 brands of outboards...
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    Yamaha v. Mercury 175 4 Stroke - Advice

    I have been a proud Yamaha owner since 1985, and owned one of the first ones on our lake. Cumulative repairs in 33 years are only $241--excluding normal maintenance. But going from a F150 and F200 hp is very expensive. Mercury outboards are also substantially less wholesale cost than Yamaha's...
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    Looking for all sorts of advice as new owner

    If you do go the Evinrude, I assume you're talking the G2 motor--not the old generation. The 115 hp G2 will run with my F150 Yamaha. They are very strong on torque at speeds where 4 strokes are marginal on torque. I wouldn't go with the Evinrude if it wasn't a G2--no matter what the warranty is.