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    The Best Flashlight Set Up 4 your boat.

    Now that is slick! Your brother should go into business. Lakeside glassbenny
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    Glass benningtons

    Hey, timbers..... When you get a chance as you’re cleaning up the 210, I would be interested in how your boat is propped, as in size and pitch. I don’t think I am running an appropriate ss prop at the moment, although it is the one that came on the motor when I picked the boat up. ( rl210...
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    Glass benningtons

    Timbers Yes, I have the owners packet- came in a green Bennington vinyl pouch. The information is not particularly useful, but I suppose better than nothing. Questions- did yours have the ski tow bar? I’m looking for one. Did yours have the Bennington cooler? Went under the seat to the rear...
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    Dock safety on Tims Ford

    Tim’s Ford is in southern middle Tennessee. It’s a lake....
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    Glass benningtons

    i wonder.....been lurking here for many months. I don’t see a proper place for Benningtons decade old fiberglass boats but maybe some on here have one and we could get the conversation going. Mine is a 2004 rl210 with a Honda 150. Went to sw Wisconsin ( from middle Tennessee) to get it preowned...