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    Vibration two out of three trailers

    Do you have any kind of switchable electronic brake control, traction control, etc. If so, turn them off and try it. I’m wondering if something in the truck electronics is trying to compensate for the load.
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    Mold on Flooring

    Have you tried a soft bristle brush and organic soap, or something like Simple Green?
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    Adding (welding) an second transducer bracket to the back of toon?

    The small stitch welds and that large chamber, I doubt you’d ever heat that up to that extent, but there should be a bung on top of the toon with a threaded plug.
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    Suggestions for preventing mold on Benny seats.

    Ventilation is the key! As others stated get a small fan (solar powered?)
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    New-to-us Benny!

    Very nice! Congrats, and welcome to the family!
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    Upgrading from a 1986 SmokerCraft to a 2013 Bennington 22 SSLX

    No, still a 22’. The rear deck does not add to the “registration” length, just gives you lots of nice extra space. Was a “must have” when we ordered our 2017.
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    Outdrive Trim

    Sounds like seals are shot in hydraulic trim cylinder.
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    Lighted cup holders

    No, it’s called the co-captain lounge upgrade. It was her must-have. It has a pullout cooler/footrest/cup holder. We don’t use the cooler, we keep binoculars, first aid, shoes, it. In this pic, on the bottom left of that lounge, I want to put a little hatch. There’s space for poles...
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    Lighted cup holders

    You need to tell your dealer about this. There should be cup holders in there if that’s the stern lounge upgrade. They missed installing one of my cup holders from factory and my dealer cut fabric and installed.
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    New Member with Questions!

    So what was your expectation, or your dealers guarantee about the sharkhide? I find that 99% of the Sharkhide issues are lack of knowledge about what it can and can’t do, and dealers ignorance about the product. Year 3 and our toons still look new above the water line other than some minor...