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    Unusual Deck Stain

    I had the same stain in the same place on my boat. Turns out it was from spilled gas. I only use ethanol free and since not available on the lake I carry it in 5 gallon containers. No matter what I did could not remove stain. Bugged me so much I eventually had the vinyl replaced. Have...
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    Try here, go to post # 47 -...

    Try here, go to post # 47 -
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    Sorry for slow response Vinent. Have a family medical problem going on and I haven't been on...

    Sorry for slow response Vinent. Have a family medical problem going on and I haven't been on forum lately. You will have to buy the express toon thru your dealer, make sure you give him your HIN and have him send that to Bennington to get the correct part. Also consider adding the underdeck...
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    I can be your advisor regarding adding an Express Tube to your boat

    I am another like Goldenrod that added an express toon. If you do so I would definitely add the under deck skinning as well
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    Speed with 150HO G2 and 22feet pontoon

    Matt, go out on the boat alone and note your RPMs and WOT, then do the same with 5 others on the boat. Post the results here and it may give some members some insight and thus suggestions
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    2019 Dealer Meeting

    That is a new model, note the drop down step to the front seating. Designed to give Captain a higher thus better view
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    Help, no clue what I'm doing..

    A typical hull identification number (HIN) consists of 12 letters and numbers, as in ABC12345D404. Here's what the letters and numbers mean: ABC: This is the U.S. Coast Guard-assigned manufacturer identification code (MIC). Go to the USCG Manufacturers Indentification page to access the Coast...
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    Boat Security when Away

    Agree with TomC about moving the dock further away, probably cost quite a bit but worth it for peace of mind
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    Battery Sitting in Water?

    Always water in transom as Jack said, I would relocate the battery
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    Electrical Specs - Look here first for schematics

    On the first page of this thread, the first post. Don't click on the underlined GRQ instead click on the attached file link below it
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    Toon log diameter..

    Exterior · 25" Diameter Pontoons · Bimini Top: 9' w/ Embroidered Boot, Quick Release Fittings & 1.25" Frame · Cleats: 6" Custom Bennington Stainless Steel · Corner Castings: Stainless Steel · Deck Bolts: Stainless Steel · LED Docking Lights · Pontoon Skirting · Raised Rails: Anodized, for...
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    The express toon was a good addition to my 2-toon setup as a cost effective way to improve my...

    The express toon was a good addition to my 2-toon setup as a cost effective way to improve my ride. I believe my outer toons are about 24', the express toon matches the others in the front and goes back to the existing transom. When I had that done I also added the underdeck wave shield which...
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    Fender Hanger Solution

    Nice but still like the look and the ease of EZ
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    Cost to upgrade... Frustrated?

    I have to agree with bite the bullet, I was in the same boat and 7 years later I still regret the savings choice I made
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    Took Ownership Saturday

    Can see why it was love at first sight
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    I don't think this applies to my Bennington...

    Absolutely Not
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    Cheapest mod for speed. Strakes or express

    sorry I don't know, try asking your dealer
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    Adding Third Tube to 1999 2050LX

    GoldenRod, I have always been amazed that you did not get an increase in speed as mine was about 5mph. However speed wasn't the only reason I did so, we are on a large lake that can get some decent sized waves and I wanted the third toon to handle better and I certainly agree with the much...
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    Small Box Anchor

    Yes BK but it folds up to be a straight and fits easily in my smaller curved front seat
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    Its not a toilet with a tank. It is a commode, look on line, it sits in my privy on the boat. the bags turn any waste (pee or poop) into a gel and it is considered green waste and can be thrown in the dumpster