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  1. lakeliving

    Vibration two out of three trailers

    Our first trailer seemed jittery that had 10" tires. Don't feel it with the one we have now with bigger wheels/tires
  2. lakeliving

    Top Speed for 2019 23 SSB SPS W/ Mercury 250 XL

    I’m bummed the 200 was the biggest I could get on mine too. Oh well!
  3. lakeliving

    Suggestions for preventing mold on Benny seats.

    I'm in south Florida and haven't found anything that prevents it. I will say the star brite mildew remover works pretty good though. It came recommended by a guy who makes his living keeping the big boats clean down here for others and I'm happy with it so far. I'm like you though and would...
  4. lakeliving

    Pontoon transportation recommendations

    I've towed mine across country without issue. Is the boat going to be on a trailer or flatbed? Sounds like a fun road trip opportunity to me!
  5. lakeliving

    Upgrading from a 1986 SmokerCraft to a 2013 Bennington 22 SSLX

    Looks good. We are on our second sslx layout.
  6. lakeliving

    Polaris Inc buys Bennington

    I'm sure there will be some transitional pains but I'm hopeful it will get better. It took me 12 seats to get a new helm seat in 2013 for my last boat.
  7. lakeliving

    Power-Assist Hydraulic Steering

    Add it. I originally had just the hydraulic with my 24' S with sps and a yamaha 200. I have the electric assist now and it is night and day difference.
  8. lakeliving

    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Here is our fun in the sun car.
  9. lakeliving

    Interesting end of boating season.

    Bummer on the crack and water in there. Luckily you found it at the end of the season so you have time to get it fixed before next season.
  10. lakeliving

    Finally Here!

    I like the digital dash as well. Nice looking boat!
  11. lakeliving

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    Yeah it was a good for this Michigan boy to experience. Definitely some lessons learned on house prep and general storm prep that will speed things up in the future. I was also impressed that I could jamb our car, dune buggy, golf cart and riding mower in a two car garage. My wife always said I...
  12. lakeliving

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    Thanks for the offer. We ended up leaving for a couple nights and just went to the gulf side without the boat to ride it out. We just got back home a couple hours ago once Dorian started the long awaited turn north. We’re right on the edge now so just some wind but not bad. I did a walk around...
  13. lakeliving

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    Thanks for the offers guys. With the recent changes in the forecast we’re going to hunker down and pray it stays off shore and moves north. I’m always amazed at the generosity and helpful nature of folks on this site.
  14. lakeliving

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    Appreciate it guys. Still trying to figure out what we’re going to do. As much as I’d like to tow it the reduction in fuel economy and limited fuel supplies might hinder getting out of dodge. I’ll keep you all updated.
  15. lakeliving

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    Hi guys and gals It looks like we might be directly in the path of Hurricane Dorian and we’ll probably be heading north to Michigan tomorrow evening unless there is some big changes to the forecast. I know a cat4 will destroy my boat if I leave it so the plan is to take it with us but Ideally...
  16. lakeliving

    Truman lake

    Are you happy with the performance of the 80?
  17. lakeliving

    I can be your advisor regarding adding an Express Tube to your boat

    I paid less than $51K for my 2014 24 sslx with SPS and a 200 brand new.
  18. lakeliving

    Truman lake

    Looks nice! What size trolling motor do you have?
  19. lakeliving

    Great Evening!!

    Glad to had a good ride and welcome to pontoon boating
  20. lakeliving

    kidney table modification?

    Good luck getting the holes cut nicely. Probably doable but you’ll see the bottom of the cup holder hanging down. We actually don’t use our table due to the abundance of cup holders elsewhere.