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  1. BigKahuna

    Scrubbing Toons in Water

    I've got Sharkhide applied and we float around and wipe the toons everytime we go out. I use a large sponge or dish towel. The crap still sticks to the toons but the Sharkhide makes it easier to just wipe off.....
  2. BigKahuna

    Mold on Flooring

    Everything I've read on seagrass or woven vinyl flooring says you can use a diluted bleach solution to clean mold/mildew from your floor. (Just Google it) Put an ounce of bleach in a spray bottle with clean water and mix it up. Spray on the mildew/mold and it will disappear. Then take another...
  3. BigKahuna

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Damn! Well Maryland was ranked 21. Lost to Temple 20-15. Moved the ball all day up and down the field except to the end zone. Couldn't score to save their butt! Crappy game. Ha!
  4. BigKahuna

    Interesting end of boating season.

    Wow! 90 gallons/750 lbs. of water in there. Unreal! (And I was crying about our 20-30 gallons in ours) So BOTH boats are fixed now right???
  5. BigKahuna

    Suggestions for preventing mold on Benny seats.

    I've used Damprid like GCWAndy but only when in storage. But that product will get rid of the moisture. Also the problem is moist stagnant air under your cover. Try to get some airflow in there. Since it's under a canopy open the front door, side door, rear door. Get the air moving and you'll...
  6. BigKahuna

    Adding (welding) an second transducer bracket to the back of toon?

    Welcome to the forum Mcar! Just get a good local welder to weld an aluminum bracket on to the back of your toon. We had a splash guard that had about half of the weld separating/cracked and a welder fixed it right up. Cost was $20.
  7. BigKahuna

    Finally replaced my aluminum fencing

    Looks great! Now you have to change your mooring cover to match. Ha!
  8. BigKahuna

    Interesting end of boating season.

    We love our I/O. It's the only engine we've ever had. Our bowrider had the carbureted version. So we are used to having it winterized. I had a kit I used to winterize our first boat with. Just run the 5 gallons of antifreeze through and killed the engine by fogging the carbureter. But yeah I...
  9. BigKahuna

    Interesting end of boating season.

    I hope this fixes your nagging problem. What year is your boat? We have the 4.3L V6 Merc I/O. It was brand new when we bought it in 2008 on a 2004 boat. So we're in our 12th season. The only real problem we've had is the fuel pump went and of course they had to remove the engine out of its pod...
  10. BigKahuna

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    We're up to 50 fans now....
  11. BigKahuna

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Hopefully JMU will be down there too. And yes hurry up and move up! Ha!
  12. BigKahuna

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Maybe Maryland will move up a tad in the Big 10 power rankings after beating ranked Syracuse by 43 points.........
  13. BigKahuna

    Vibration two out of three trailers

    I have a dual axle Yacht Club trailer. Never had any vibration issues. Only thing I can think of is maybe all 4 tires need to be balanced. I know tires on trailers aren't always balanced. But where else can it be coming from????
  14. BigKahuna

    Interesting end of boating season.

    Damn when it rains it pours right???.....We went through the water in the tube scenario earlier this summer. The good thing was it was a quick fix. Drill a hole, drain the water out, add a threaded bung hole drain. The bad thing is they never found out where/how the water got in. Glad that...
  15. BigKahuna

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Thx! We've got Will Grier down here in Carolina backing up Can Newton now. He'll get some playing time.
  16. BigKahuna

    Proper Bunk Height on Tri Toon Trailer

    All the bunks on your trailer should be level or even with each other........
  17. BigKahuna

    New-to-us Benny!

    Looks great! Where do you boat/fish???
  18. BigKahuna

    Recent problems posting pics

    Thanks to moderators Semp and Jack for being on top of things!
  19. BigKahuna

    Widebody water skis.....

    Literally came in 1 day!!! We were going to try them today but the weather is a bit unsettled and windy. We are about 3 hrs. from the coast and the hurricane.....
  20. BigKahuna

    Recent problems posting pics

    Thanks Jack...