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  1. Jimmy Vick

    Captains Chair Pivot Lock Bypass!!

    Mine is a 2017.....should be the same. I will check next trip and post. Thanks
  2. Jimmy Vick

    Captains Chair Pivot Lock Bypass!!

    Have often wished mine were free. Please post your method!
  3. Jimmy Vick

    I love to pull up to restaurants in the Benny.

    Not sure exactly where you are located, but Lake Jocassee in SC is tops. Crystal clear water, waterfalls and little boat traffic.
  4. Jimmy Vick

    Lights blinking

    If the dealer won't warranty, look for a loose ground at 1st light that's blinking or where wiring starts.
  5. Jimmy Vick

    Lake Jocassee

    You probably already have your answers but there is a 3 bedroom cabin nearby that is listed on VRBO. No room for your boat but there is a gated storage facility near also. If you go with a cabin at Devils Fork keep in mind that you cannot leave your boat in the water overnight. Also get a state...
  6. Jimmy Vick

    pontoon loader (makes loading easy)

    Talk about inflation: Now $649. Good bump in less than 6yrs