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  1. Renegade34

    Are these welds really acceptable?

    I’ve had two Bennington boats that had leaking welds on the pontoons. One was a 2005 and our 2018 that was purchased new. I’m just lucky that I discovered the leak before I hauled it up to our cottage for the summer because there’s definitely nobody around there to weld aluminum. In my opinion...
  2. Renegade34

    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    When we ordered our 2018 ssbxp with sps and a 150hp I asked about power steering after much reading on this forum and my salesman said they have never sold a 150hp with power steering before so I didn’t get it. No regrets. I think if it was maybe a $500 option I would’ve regretted not getting...
  3. Renegade34

    The new addition was a hit last weekend!

    I have the under skinning and I couldn’t get lock nuts on the back “legs” of the board but I could on the front bar (mounting plate closest to the water). I probably wouldn’t have bothered but there is an empty hole in the cross members on the boat and somehow I managed to hit them so I added...
  4. Renegade34

    The new addition was a hit last weekend!

    If you can’t access the underside just follow the directions for top mount. I’m sure they’re more than adequate but bolting with lock nuts would be one step better. Here’s a good video of installation on a Bennington:
  5. Renegade34

    The new addition was a hit last weekend!

    You’ll love it! When installing it I’d recommend using stainless bolts with nylon lock nuts (if you can access the underside of the boat).
  6. Renegade34

    The new addition was a hit last weekend!

    Still loving it! Kids we’re just using it yesterday. I still can’t think of one negative thing to say about it.
  7. Renegade34

    USB device will not play through radio

    Ours doesn’t work for playing music either (2018 ssbxp). I think I read somewhere that it’s for charging only.
  8. Renegade34

    Loss of power / won't reach WOT

    From past experience the first think I’d check is to see if you have water in your pontoons. It doesn’t take much water to really slow you down. If possible, put it on a trailer and rock the boat side to side. You’ll hear it sloshing around in there if you have a leak.
  9. Renegade34

    22 GSR with Yam. 115 Top Speed Check

    Hi, I have had 2 different two log boats in the past with 115hp motors (with Sea Legs) and 23-25mph was where I was at for speed. Our current boat has a 150hp with SPS and Sea Legs and can hit about 33-35mph. Check to see where your rpms are at wot just to make sure you’re propped right...
  10. Renegade34

    Sea Legs

    I've had a few sets of Sea Legs and haven't ran in to that problem. A second battery is never a bad idea in my opinion though.
  11. Renegade34

    New Build Help

    For $1000 I would definetly go for it. When I bought mine they wanted close to $2000 to go to the 175HP.
  12. Renegade34

    New Build Help

    It would've been $55k plus tax (I'm guessing) but I'm from Canada so no taxes at the dealer but paid my appropriate taxes back here. The build is almost identicle though with some very minor differences. Just dug out the invoice. It was actually $54240. It's a 2018 (ordered in fall of 2017)...
  13. Renegade34

    New Build Help

    I have virtually the identical build and I was at $55k with a trailer. That was last year though.
  14. Renegade34

    This look ok? Taking a long trip...

    Once in a while if I don’t get the boat all the way to the stops I just tighten the bow winch strap fairly tight and then drive ahead a bit and then hit the brakes. With the bunks being wet it usually slides up to the stops fairly easily. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries though.
  15. Renegade34

    Installed powered sub today

    No issues here either (knock on wood).
  16. Renegade34

    Installed powered sub today

    If you want to check the polarity to make sure it’s correct you take a AA battery and touch one wire to the negative end of the battery and the other to the positive end. This will make the speaker move in or out. Whatever wire that’s touching the positive end of the battery when it moves OUT is...
  17. Renegade34

    Installed powered sub today

    If it's wired as you say then the stern speakers are wired to rear and the 4 interior speakers are wired to the front. If that's the case then if you fade fully to the rear then all 4 interior speakers should be off with only stern speakers on. If you fade all the way to the front then you...
  18. Renegade34

    Installed powered sub today

    I think the best solution to the problem is to get the sub hooked up, crank it up, and crack a cold beverage :cool: