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    Lake Oconee, Georgia

    What part of the lake are you on?
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    Lake Oconee, Georgia

    We’re on Oconee!
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    300 HP motor on 23 RSBA Bennington

    I have a 2018 23 RSFB with a 300 on it, and it doesn’t sit nearly as low in the rear as the one pictured in that last post. Only about 50% of the pontoon is submerged in the rear on mine.
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    2019 23 RSB Purchase - Dumb ? on elevated helm

    My 2018 23 RSFB has seagrass flooring on the raised helm.
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    Fuel Gauge Pegged On Full?

    I had the same problem on my 2018R, the fuel gauge was pegged on full. It was fixed by replacing the gauge and my dealer said they’ve had the gauge problem on several boats over the last couple of years.
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    I have a 2018 RSFB and the multi-purpose gauge, that includes fuel, trim and battery, started working erratically or not working at all and my dealer replaced the whole gauge. Problem solved! He also said they’ve been having a lot of problems recently with these gauges.
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    Fuel and Trim Gauges stopped working

    I had the very same problem on my 2018 RSFB, that was delivered earlier this year, and it was a bad multi-purpose gauge. The dealer came out and replaced the gauge and all’s well. When I called in the problem, they told me it was the second gauge failure report they had received that day.
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    New Bennington is arriving today!

    Yes, the little black box with the wire on top of the helm, is for the Sirius radio. I upgraded from the KMC10 to the KMC 20 to use my Sirius subscription I had on the previous Bennington. KMC10 head unit is available if anyone is interested in it.
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    New Bennington is arriving today!

    The refrigerated cup holders are actually pretty nice. There are only 2 of them, one on the front left of the helm and one by the throttle, but they do a great job of keeping a bottle of water, or whatever, nice and cold.
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    New Bennington is arriving today!

    Finally remembered to post pictures.
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    Speed limit with electric bimini open

    You’re exactly right Macon. Before I took delivery, the local dealer installed an additional support leg on each side that you can use if you’re going fast or in high wind situations. I’m still in break-in so I haven’t tried them out at speed yet, but it feels rock solid when those legs are in...
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    My first pontoon

    I just took delivery of my new boat this week and I now have extended decks. I really like them much better than the standard decks on my old boat, so I’d recommend yes. On the stereo question, we’ve always liked to listen to Sirius/XM and you can’t do that with the KMC10. if you want...
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    New Bennington is arriving today!

    Refrigerated cup holders were a “mistake” added at the factory, but it’ll be fun to see how they work. There’re are only two in the package, one at the helm and one on the front left of the helm.
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    New Bennington is arriving today!

    Pics will come soon! Ours has a 5th recliner where the pedestal seat would be on a normal RSFB, so they called it “custom”. It’s really just another floor plan that someone came up with.
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    New Bennington is arriving today!

    Our new 2018 23RSFB Custom, will be delivered to our dock, today at 3:00 pm! Happy Valentines Day!
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    Speed limit with electric bimini open

    After discussions with TB and the Dealer, they’re now recommending the installation of an additional folding leg on the front of the existing curved leg of the Bimini, that will provide enhanced stability of the Bimini at high speeds. The new boat will be delivered this week, so if the weather...
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    Speed limit with electric bimini open

    Thanks for the reply. I run wot on my existing 225 with no problem, but it’s the manual top. The electric top has less bracing and fewer connections to the rail and that’s why I’m wondering how it will perform at high speed. Thank you.
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    Speed limit with electric bimini open

    I'm looking at a new 2018 Bennington and I'm wondering if there's any guidance on maximum speeds allowed with the electric bimini top open? I'm getting a 300 hp motor and the dealer says it can run full throttle with the bimini open, with no danger of damaging the bimini. I'm just wondering...
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    Im new to the Bennington world! Is it worth it?

    I just took a ride on the boat and it was awesome! 171 hours with full service records. Upholstery is nearly perfect, with the exception of some sun spotting on one side, where the sun gets to it late in the day, if the cover isn't on it. No trailer and it's been stored on a lift since it was...