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  1. Renegade34

    Additional uses for keeper rail on the swingback

    Installed a couple of Scotty rod holders about a week ago. Simple mod but worked out well! The rod holders detach from the mount when your not using them.
  2. Renegade34

    The new addition was a hit last weekend!

    I installed the new Lillipad diving board last Friday. The kids loved it (I even tried it several times myself)! It was a great addition to the boat and can’t think of one negative thing to say about it!
  3. Renegade34

    Installed powered sub today

    I installed a Rockford Fosgate PS300-12 powered sub today. It couldn’t have went any better. It’s so easy with the swingback as there’s tons of room under the huge lounger. The best part is that the batteries are right there for power and I have the stern speakers so I was able to steal signal...
  4. Renegade34

    Thrilled with new Benni....until....

    Well I was going to start a thread on here tonight about how happy I am with the new boat and how I think it’s the first time that I received a new boat and everything was perfect and no issues whatsoever. It was the first real day on the lake (other than a bit of prop testing) and things...
  5. Renegade34

    New Benny and more pics.

    Here a few more pics of the new Benny.
  6. Renegade34

    New 23 ssbxp with Sea Legs

    I finally picked up the new Benny. It’s a 2018 23ssbxp with a Merc 150 four stroke and Sea Legs. I had a few people interested in top speed with the Sea Legs. The dealer was able to hit 34-35 mph with 2 people on board. He said it might get a bit better once the break in period is over. I...
  7. Renegade34

    Shrink wrap or not?

    In a few weeks I’m making the trip to get the new Benny. It’s about a 1000 mile trek and am wondering what you guys think is the best method to transport it. Originally I was going to have it shrink wrapped but after doing some reading it sounds like half the time the wrap rips open and has to...
  8. Renegade34

    Finally picked up the new Benny!!

    Got it all loaded up and ready for the long 1200mi journey home! Hopefully I'll be boating in no time!!
  9. Renegade34

    Question for Swingback owners

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone who owns a swingback (with rail keeper) could kindly give me a diameter of the rail and also the support bar of the ski tow bar. I don't have the boat yet but would like to order a couple of rod holders that attach to the railing (or support bar). I'd greatly...
  10. Renegade34

    Reasonable price to ship? Also, question for you Michiganites.

    I purchased a 23' Benny in the Lansing Michigan area and want it shipped to Minneapolis (700 miles) in the spring. I just put it on uship and so far have received a quote for $900. Does this sound reasonable or should I keep looking? Also, the dealer wants to test run it and try a few different...
  11. Renegade34

    150 vs 175 four strokes. Is the dealer right?

    I've been contemplating going with a 175hp over a 150hp but my dealer doesn't recommend it due to minimal noticeable difference in power. I think going to a 200hp would put me out of my comfort zone on the budget but not totally out of the question. Is the dealer right about the no real...
  12. Renegade34

    The dealer is "throwing in" a stainless prop. Which one?

    Hi, I have a 2018 23' swingback (sps with 150hp merc 4 stroke) on order and the dealer is including a stainless prop but I'm not sure of which one to go with. From reading through threads on here it sounds like a 15x15p enertia is a pretty popular choice. Any suggestions? The boat will be used...
  13. Renegade34

    SPS package and Sea Legs

    Just wondering if any of you folks on here are running a 150hp with the SPS package and Sea Legs (or other brands)? The boat that I just put a deposit on is a 2018 23 SSBXP with SPS and a 150hp Merc 4 stroke. From what I've learned on here is with that set up I could expect to see 36-40mph. In...
  14. Renegade34

    Pretty much know what you guys are going to say but here goes.......

    I need to let the dealer know which way to go in the next couple of days to secure pricing but want to see what you guys think. I'm trying to decide between a 25' swingback with a 200hp four stroke or a 23' swingback with a 150hp. The 25' with the 200hp is $5000 more. I know it's more boat and...
  15. Renegade34

    Please help with colours and options

    Hi guys, I'm looking for input on colors for a 23 SSBXP swingback. I'm trying to decide between granite with black, black with granite, granite with champagne, or black with champagne. It's going to have the blackout package. What do you guys think looks better? I can't decide.The Interior will...
  16. Renegade34

    On the hunt for a swingback

    Hi all, I just sold my boat as I want to upgrade to a tritoon with a 150-200hp four stroke. I've narrowed my search down to a Bennington Swingback. I'm looking for either a 24 SSBX or a 23 GSB (even a 23 RSB if the price is right). I know the dealers are starting to come out with their fall...