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  1. Baja 252

    More Stereo Questions

    I have a fastback style boat, so I have two speakers on the back of the boat facing rearward and no rear seat speakers. They are great while swimming, but not much sound in the rear seat area while going down the lake. I'd like to add two speakers in the rear seat bases. Can I just find the...
  2. Baja 252

    It's Coming!

    Spring is just around the corner. It got up to 60 degrees today, so we uncovered the boat and went for a ride.
  3. Baja 252

    Gallons per Hour

    For those of you with gauges that show GPH, I’m curious what numbers your seeing. I’m seeing 3.8 GPH at 3500 rpm and 3.4 GPH at 4000 rpm. I haven’t checked my GPH at full throttle yet.
  4. Baja 252

    Our New Boat has Arrived !!!

    I had a thread titled, “I have a build date/week!!!” but since the boat arrived I thought I’d start a new thread. If you didn’t read any of the other thread, on June 21st we ordered a 22 GSRFB with the new Mercury V6 200hp. It's our 3rd new pontoon and my 13th boat. We are on LOTO and have...
  5. Baja 252

    Prop for new 4-stroke Mercury

    Expecting our new boat any day, just wondering what prop people are using on the new Mercury 4-strokes. Ours is a 200hp V6.
  6. Baja 252

    Anyone have one of the NEW Mercury 4 strokes yet?

    I'm just curious to see what people think of them. Mine should be here in 3-4 weeks!
  7. Baja 252

    I have a build date/week !!!!

    We ordered the boat on June 21st and just received an email today saying it's being built the week of Aug 27th. My dealer says that should put it arriving to him the week of Sept 3rd. That's about 11 weeks from ordering to dealer, I was quoted 8 to 12 weeks so it's not too bad. I think our 24...
  8. Baja 252

    Ordered a Toon today

    After a few months of shopping, selling old boats, figuring out our hoist and dock set-ups we finally ordered a boat today. It's a 22GSRFB w/200hp DTS Merc, ESP, white / black accent / blk out pkg Now the wait begins.
  9. Baja 252

    So Polaris is buying Bennington?

    Interesting, hope it means good things for the Bennington brand and boats.
  10. Baja 252

    New member - A couple questions on options

    Hello all, great forum. Looking at ordering a new 22GSR SPS w/ the new V6 Merc 200. I'd like to wait to order and see how people like the engine, but that would mean no boating this year because it's not even out til summer. Not sure what to do. I was surprised that online (Bennington Build a...