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  1. Paradise bound

    Swingback Issues

    Finally made the retirement move from California to Lake Greenwood SC ,was doing my usual once over on the Bennington and came across this problem , I have 63 hours on the 2018 RSB23 more hours transporting then I do on the the water. l went to lift the rear cushion up and it lifted with a...
  2. Paradise bound

    PTM Mirror mounting location

    I need a little guidance here I purchased the the PTM larger mirror, figuring I would get a wider view of what's behind, I have a 23 RSB with the double bimini package when I first installed near the center of the console I found it gave me a huge blindspot to forward my starboard (right) and...
  3. Paradise bound

    3D lettering

    I looked at the domed letters the Bennington Forum had mentioned , and found these 3D letters and ordered a set of numbers they are a little pricey but really love the look very similar to the Bennington logo I found them on
  4. Paradise bound

    Seat base Trim

    I found this on another thread and thought I would post here after I finished adding this to my bases ,I also added it to the console storage after cutting my hand on it . I used Trim-lok edging part # 1350B2-1/4 ,I used about 40 feet to do all the bases it took me all of a hour to complete the...
  5. Paradise bound

    I got pictures from the factory

    So after a anxious few months . it took a little arm twisting  but I got some pictures of her . I was told everything was in stock and it should be at the dealers at the beginning of next week . I pick up the trailer on Monday and plan on making the trip fromm So Cal to Minnesota leaving Friday...
  6. Paradise bound

    Early Birthday present/ order cancelled/update

    Decided to pull the trigger on a new build after searching all over the west to find a dealer that had what we wanted with no luck.  We are ordering a RSB2375 with a Mercury 300 with all the goodies in the Smokey granite with Metallic White accent with the glacier white upgraded upholstery...