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  1. Alicedream

    Battery Question

    I go for 4 to 6 hours and never have an issue
  2. Alicedream

    Upholstery help to new Bennington owner

    Not simtex. Was not in use on Bennington’s in 2013, unless it has already been reupholstered.
  3. Alicedream

    Bimini top light

    If it rains i go in fast, top down. And I go out at night to see the stars not the top of my bimini.
  4. Alicedream

    Bimini top light

    That light is required by law. It is a navigation light. I don’t know enough about electrical work, if it makes it easier to put inLED lights on the bimini. But what i do know is in 40+ years of boating i have never gone out at night with the top open.
  5. Alicedream

    Cup holders

    Interesting as i boat in Missouri and first time was stopped Memorial day weekend for running with my sidelights on. Three years running with them never stopped. The patrol told me i could not run with them as they may interfere with navigation lights. Well, i researched this after this...
  6. Alicedream

    Cup holders

    They don’t allow blue cup holder or side lighting? The cup holders are in the boat Why on earth would that matter.
  7. Alicedream

    Water Appears to Be Flowing From Under Floor?

    All Benningtons have the same gap and the engine well will fill with water.
  8. Alicedream

    Are these welds really acceptable?

    3 Bennington boat never an issue. I think everyone will be fine.
  9. Alicedream

    What it’s all about

    Awesome weekend with granddaughter!!!! !!!!!
  10. Alicedream

    Yamaha V-Max vs F-Series?

    My F300 might have a thing to say about not having a good hole shot
  11. Alicedream

    No More SXP or G Series in 2021

    Further update the SXP is the L and the G is the LX.
  12. Alicedream

    No More SXP or G Series in 2021

    If you go to the boat builder and build a G, you‘ll see the outside new design.
  13. Alicedream

    No More SXP or G Series in 2021

    I heard from knowledgable Bennington source the SXP and G series will be replaced by the new L series. This was inevitable that they would combine those two series models. Smart move renaming it also.
  14. Alicedream

    Price Opinions for used 2014 Bennington

    The larger the motor the more you will get.
  15. Alicedream

    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    I paid $2800 for pump and other materials and installation in 2016. Worth every penny!
  16. Alicedream

    Stereo upgrade options - after the fact

    If I was Bennington, I would not offer Stereos and leave a place for it. There is so much personal preference with Stereos that is not worth the trouble. All I did was upgrade my head unit after I purchased the boat to a KMC20 which comes with a processor and with my 6 speakers it soundsgreat...
  17. Alicedream

    Stereo upgrade options - after the fact

    Wow...Over a stereo. I think i will pick next boat based on a stereo also.
  18. Alicedream

    New Bennington Prices Paid Texas

    It depends on dealer. I have bought 3 benningtons and have got between 25% to 30% off.
  19. Alicedream

    Bimini Cable Stays

    So they forgot them?