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  1. Chris Z

    Sharrow props

    I laughed out loud when I received their first email with their early adopter pricing. I recognize the engineering value that goes into development of new concept technologies but it's not worth more than twice what I'd pay for a premium stainless prop to me. When they come significantly below...
  2. Chris Z

    Seats on my 2015 benny

    I'll have a look as soon as I can get to the boat. Probably not until the middle of April.
  3. Chris Z

    Vantage pontoon protection

    Jack, do you recall whether they were willing to sell you their product directly? Or did you have to involve one of their distributor/dealers? Montana, looking forward to hearing about your experience moving forward.
  4. Chris Z

    Vantage pontoon protection

    I'm sorry to say that I never received a reply to my email. I probably should have tried again but pushed it to a back burner at the time. I still think that they have an interesting product but there are still no dealers near me.
  5. Chris Z

    Prop Help Needed....2016 SSRX with Express Toon Package

    I've been really satisfied with my Yamaha Reliance prop mated with my Yamaha F150 on the back of my 2275GCW with the elliptical sport package. It's smooth as silk at idle due to the SDS hub system and is truly a bolt on and play prop IF you have a Yamaha motor. I see just a touch over 40 on the...
  6. Chris Z

    Got to get up and personal with the new bowrider model at the boat show this week - my observations and photos inside

    Having just returned from our boat show here in Syracuse I can agree with each and every point your make. Lack of access to the front deck without climbing over the upholstery would be a real deal killer for me., along with the price. That said, it was great to visit with the Bennington folks...
  7. Chris Z

    Sharrow props

    Me, too!
  8. Chris Z

    2014 2275 GCW

    It's easy to have your cake and eat it too on this one. Make an appointment to look at the boat and make your journey to meet with the dealer to view it. If it's in great shape and you're interested in moving forward make them an offer based on your acceptance of the boat after a sea trial. If...
  9. Chris Z

    STD helm seat or seat upgrades.

    I'm very pleased with my extra wide and comfy big-boy chair. :) image by Chris Z posted Apr 30, 2014 at 7:07 AM
  10. Chris Z

    Engine Trim Gauge Question

    Something more alarming caught my eye with your post. Your dealer basically blew you off with misinformation about a reasonably simple repair. My trim gauge is accurate and always has been. That's not "the way they all are". If this is a dealer that you like doing business with I would swing...
  11. Chris Z

    2019 Dealer Meeting

    Mmmmm... On an ESP bottom with a big Yamaha. Mmmmm.
  12. Chris Z

    Rough water, dented front right panel!

    Thanks for all the encouraging notes, repairs are complete, looks just about like new. Took the front, starboard seat out to get to the bow panel that was pushed in. That was in and of itself an adventure. If you go here, know that the screws through the rails are bolts with nylon nuts and...
  13. Chris Z

    Rough water, dented front right panel!

    Thanks for the notes on seat removal and advice. I have a small roller that I can use and with some luck things will pop back into place.
  14. Chris Z

    Rough water, dented front right panel!

    Oh my, too many options to try before we rub it with money. :cool: I would guess by doing it that way we would have to replace the entire starboard side fence front to back since I've read that the they are provided by Bennington together. This really isn't that bad. Water is a much blunter...
  15. Chris Z

    Rough water, dented front right panel!

    I wish I had snapped a picture of it to share before I left on Sunday. I will post a few with whatever method works and the results.
  16. Chris Z

    Rough water, dented front right panel!

    I haven't seen the "dent puller" yet, might too hard a rubber for this. If I have to I'll pull the lounge out and gently work it from behind.
  17. Chris Z

    Rough water, dented front right panel!

    Over stayed our welcome out at a favorite beach this past Saturday afternoon on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario as the wind and seas built. When we finally pulled anchor there were 2 to 3's with an occasional four rolling out in the deeper water. Anyway, moving too slowly while getting the...
  18. Chris Z

    Electric Series

    Aside from your batteries being in view, I'm wondering how the boat performs with the electric power plant?? Just curious.
  19. Chris Z

    Flag Holder

    This is Bennington's product and your dealer (or perhaps you) can install it. image by Chris Z posted Apr 30, 2014 at 7:09 AM
  20. Chris Z

    Stainless Prop Question

    Randy, the holes are number top to bottom as #1 to #4. If I understand you correctly you went from hole #1 to #2 taking the motor from its lowest position up .5". And in doing so you noticed no appreciable differences in performance?