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  1. Bama Kat

    Underwater lights on toons

    I have every light option on my New boat, This weekend will be my first night cruise with them on
  2. Bama Kat

    Ptm Edge offer for a group buy.great deal if you've been looking for a mirror.

    I had it on my G23 and would fold it towards the front of the boat when putting the cover on, no problems. I forgot to fold it one time & the guys putting up the boat at the marina folded it back towards the vibration moving the boat scratched the mirror but not bad
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    Handy hints, gadgets, products, gizmos & ideas...

    I started to order those letter but found these on Amazon I ordered instead
  4. Bama Kat

    I have a build date/week also !!!!

    I did not get the rail keeper on mine either, I anchor a lot & that way you can sit on the back
  5. Bama Kat

    Just bought a 22SSRXPDN - Now What?

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    Enjoy, Q's are defiantly head turners on style
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    I may never use it since I leave my boat in storage at the marina however it works great, just push a button and it lowers & locks in place.
  8. Bama Kat

    Looking to purchase a new Bennington in TX, any advice on discounts?

    Another thing to consider is how Bennington's hold their value, I sold my G23 with a Yamaha 200hp in July and I was surprised at how little it depreciated. It also helped that my dealer was low on 2018's at the time.
  9. Bama Kat

    Looking at buying a new Bennington but have questions...

    I had a G23 & could easily the 12-14 adults but I preferred 8-10 max just for comfort & weight.
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    I took the Q out for a spin Saturday, it was cold but well worth it. Top speed right now is 46mph, Dealer is going to try another prop to see if we can get a couple more. Love the way the power steering makes the boat turn
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    Yes, Putting in the electronic panel in lieu of the gauges takes up less room, kinda looks empty lol
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    2019 Q25 Swingback
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  15. Bama Kat

    Power Cladded Arch

    I sold my 2014 G23 yesterday so I will be upgrading to the 2019 Q25 swingback, for those living in the southern states do the dark seat accents get hot on those 90 degree days in the sun? I have always had white or light colored seats for that reason
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    Boat Mirrors

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    2 questions, rear facing speakers & ipad holder

    That's what I was thinking, they may stand out too much
  18. Bama Kat

    2 questions, rear facing speakers & ipad holder

    I see where the new Bennington's have rear speakers so you can hear your music while floating in the water but has anyone mounted speakers on the rear of their toon so you can hear the music better while in the water? if so, how & where did you mount them? does anyone use an ipad on the boat...
  19. Bama Kat

    Blue LED lights under deck

    For those that have the LED lights under their deck that light up the water & toons, can you run with them on at night? On the lake I am on you can only turn them on when anchored. The marine police say it interferes with the navigational lights but you can still see my red & green lights. Looks...
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    4th Fireworks over the lake