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  1. Gary adkins

    Vibration two out of three trailers

    Transmission may be slipping pulling heavier load
  2. Gary adkins

    Truman lake

    Yes does a good job. On windy day I use the spot lock to stay in one spot while fishing keeps it there
  3. Gary adkins

    Truman lake

  4. Gary adkins

    Truman lake

    Got pontoon on lake first time over weekend. Lake has been so high
  5. Gary adkins

    Engine size for 22" Tritoon SPS

    I have 22’ sps with 200 it’s great
  6. Gary adkins

    2016 Bennington SX22 Fishing Tritoon with 150 Yamaha

    I have 2018 sx22 with 2 seats in front and rear , 200 Yamaha love it
  7. Gary adkins

    Catch of the day

    Blue cat 65#
  8. Gary adkins

    Launch Ramp Disasters.

    Yea. On the toyo
  9. Gary adkins

    Taking a ride on Truman lake

    Hope to run into you sometime
  10. Gary adkins

    Taking a ride on Truman lake

    I am working this weekend. Will be at lake next week Wednesday thru Sunday
  11. Gary adkins

    Taking a ride on Truman lake

    Taking a ride on Truman lake. Clinton mo
  12. Gary adkins

    Kicker KMC 10 stereo reception

    Pandora is what we use most
  13. Gary adkins

    My first Bennington

    We will be there the 13,14,15,16,17. To. Will be over around long shoals May run into you then or be down almost ever weekend thru summer
  14. Gary adkins

    My first Bennington

    Had pontoon out for a bit over the weekend on local lake Smithville Lake put a few hours on it still not complete break in yet ready to take it to Truman lake next weekend
  15. Gary adkins

    New Benny owner with some questions.

    Had dealer put on trolling motor and battery’s with a on board charger Look pretty simple
  16. Gary adkins

    My first Bennington

    A few pictures of my new Bennington. Will get more
  17. Gary adkins

    Bennington font for registration number

    I order my April 30 and got them yesterday May 7 from domed numbers .com ,chrome to match the Bennington on the pontoon
  18. Gary adkins

    trolling motor help "again" dealer no help

    I am picking up my new Bennington tritoon Friday and I had dealer install new trolling motor on it I can get pictures after I pick it up