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  1. TomS

    Fall 2019 Boat Shows

    These shots are from the Fort Myers boat show. The QX is one of those "if you have to ask" sort of things. Twin Yamaha 425 XTO's though, are pretty cool, 2,000 # of motors on the back of that one. This new RX was really beautiful, but I think even this one was ~$129k boat show price with...
  2. TomS

    2019 27QX twin 300's

    We saw this at the Fort Myers boat show today - yes, $235k is the SHOW price!
  3. TomS

    BRP Acquisition

    Admins, if not appropriate feel free to can it, but there seems to be a trend worth noting. I wouldn't expect to see too many more Mercs on brand "M" now. BRP acquires Manitou
  4. TomS

    More new Mercs - 4.6l V8 250/300

    Mercury said the new 3.4l V6 175-225 announced in Miami was a game changer, which is true, but the real question was when they said that was "just step one in 2018". Apparently 4.6l V8 is the answer, just wow ... Mercury 250/300 V8 outboards Even a "Racing 250R and 300R" version
  5. TomS

    Sea life in your Benny

    Part of our new life living near the Gulf of Mexico (Sanibel) is an abundance of of new creatures to think about as you're in and around the water. I walk the beach every day, so seeing dolphins, manatees, stingrays, water snakes, and even small sharks is quite common in these parts. I saw a...
  6. TomS

    2016 Catalog is here!

    Lots of cool new floor plans, heavy on Q's, but no innovation at all on in-dash displays, other than replacing Sony with Kicker head unit/remotes.
  7. TomS

    Full suspension boat prototype

    I don't normally re-post from other forums but this one is just too hard to resist... You LOTO guys can now laugh at all those giant cruiser wakes! Check out this capability demonstration of a full suspension "pontoon" style boat from Nauti-Craft Marine in Australia. Video of the boat in...
  8. TomS

    New Evinrude E-Tec G2 intro

    BRP/Evinrude put on quite a show with the introduction of the new G2 E-Tecs this week. Lots of new things, though the configurable styling may be the most radical with something like 400...
  9. TomS

    GoPro Hero 3 camera on the Bennington

    I recently bought a GoPro Hero 3 waterproof camera to use for various sports - boating, cycling, kayaking, etc. I'm just learning about it but I thought maybe some of you would be interested in how it works with a boat. The camera itself is very tiny, clamped inside the clear plastic case. Most...
  10. TomS

    American Outdoors (AO) Coolers with Bennington logo - UPDATED!

    I've been very impressed with the AO Coolers over the years and I know some of you are too. IMHO, they're sort of the "Bennington" of the outdoor soft cooler market, very much the best in class or close to it, with great customer service. http://www.aocoolers...cfm?category=22. Think Jeep...
  11. TomS

    LOTO Pontoon Boat Racing Exhibition

    Ok, now for something a little different. There have been top speed runs at the Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout for several years, with a pontoon hitting 112mph last year. This year, it looks like they're actually having a closed course pontoon boat race (exhibition only), which should be really...
  12. TomS

    Lost my boating buddy

    After almost 11 years as a constant companion, I had to put my loyal Irish Setter, Riley to sleep yesterday. He has been the only dog, among several cats, birds, and horses, in our 34 years of marriage. He took part in everything we did as a family, both daughters showing horses many weekends on...
  13. TomS

    Mercury MercMonitor and NMEA 2000 upgrade

    With so many of the new boats sporting 150hp+, the investment in the engine is substantial and the performance envelope widens considerably. After owning performance boats, I was not satisfied with the Mercury Smartcraft SC1000 Tach and Speedo being the only gauges on my RCW. There is plenty of...
  14. TomS

    R Series Garmin Echo 100 to Garmin GPSMAP 547XS upgrade

    We don't do much navigating on our little lake, but my eyes desperately needed a bigger screen and a bit of color wouldn't hurt either. I wanted a better depth finder and the ability to mark certain spots for reference. I also plan to install a Mercury Smartcraft to NMEA 2000 gateway to pipe the...
  15. TomS

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the great Bennington Club Mom's out there! Take her for a nice pontoon cruise or whatever else it is she likes to do because we all know they've earned it many times over. My Mom passed away a few years ago, but on this day I never forget all she did for our family...
  16. TomS

    Another 2275RCW Limited - Verado 250 Pro launched

    I decided to start a new thread for this one. There are a bunch more pics in my gallery, but here a couple on the new lift. It was way too windy to put the 30' canopy on, but the canopy fabric was Sunbrella made with 36" long sides and zip up flaps front and rear. I shouldn't need to cover the...
  17. TomS

    Finally locked the order for our new 2275 RCW Limited

    After many months, 100+ posts, great advice here, and studying this to death, my dealer finally locked our order in for our first Bennington. Our project started many months ago with the goal of reducing our waterfront footprint - a Malibu tournament ski boat and a 50 hp Harris pontoon, 2 lifts...
  18. TomS

    2013 R22 specs, pontoon gauges, HHP and rough water packages

    I'm comparing 2012 and 2013 specs on the 2275 RCWL ESP model we are ordering and re-reading the specs on the HHP Package thread HERE, as well as various rough water package (RWP) threads. For whatever reason these specs never seem real clear, but I suppose with 50+ models now they vary greatly...
  19. TomS

    2013 Color 2-tone Combo Renderings and Photos

    TB, Since there was such a nice rendering of a G with 2-tone black/smoky granite with the black tower on the shatter graphics thread, any chance of a few others? Say, a closed stern 2275RCW Limited series (no tower) and 2 tones: - smokey granite main/black accent - black main/smokey granite...
  20. TomS

    Online boat builder app working?

    Has anyone else noticed the online boat builder doesn't seem to be working? I tried on several computers and different browsers with the same result. Page 1 is no longer tabbed for color selections and MSRP's don't appear at the right of the options at all. Maybe it's just 2013 updating going...