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  1. texas_jarod

    Boat won't start - ignition switch? Relay?

    My boat was stranded the other day. I was showing 11 volt on the guage. It started to turn, then just clicked like a dead battery... but the battery is new. I noticed my radio was reseting while I was driving around, so I thought it was a loose wire. I friend pulled his battery and connected...
  2. texas_jarod

    water getting through floor at speed

    I have an older boat, and I see these plastic quarter-round strips underneath the deck. They eventually break and let water through the seams at high speed. Can I just replace these with silicone? Maybe bust out the flex seal?
  3. texas_jarod

    boat listing starboard - water in toon

    Well... every time I fix something, something else goes wrong. The 1999 2275RL has been in the water for a month, and I'm noticing a considerable lean. Does anyone know how much it costs to have a toon leak fixed? And if anyone has experience in the DFW area, that would be helpful.
  4. texas_jarod

    Rear motor mount bolt missing

    I noticed my boat was sitting a little tilted in the water and saw that a motor mount bolt was missing from the right rear. This has caused about 3" of separation between the mount and the base of the boat. Will I have any trouble wrenching a new bolt in place? Do I need to close that gap...
  5. texas_jarod

    1999 22' with a 100hp Yamaha - Speed?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I just bought a 99' Bennington 2275 with a 2001 yamaha 4-stroke 100hp motor. It's such an odd size motor, but I'm running 23mph with 2 people, bimini top up, and a light load. It's only running 4800-5100 RPM. Do I have room to run higher RPM with a faster...