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  1. ssc

    Looking at a new 25ft. Bennington

    I got married to my current wife in Avalon. :) Randy, sorry to hear you are selling. That is a beautiful boat. I don't know where you have it listed, but I might suggest listing it on River Daves forum. Cheers, Steve
  2. ssc

    Looking at a new 25ft. Bennington

    Merc verado 300. Best I've seen on gps is 51. Generally 48-49 with double Bimini up and full tank with four people. Runs good. Cruises 35-40 no problem. Cheers, Steve
  3. ssc

    Looking at a new 25ft. Bennington

    I went through the same thing a few years back. I compared the fit and finish and warranty. The Bennington was much better than the Avalon. Frankly, I wanted the Avalon, because I have a house on Catalina in Avalon. You and I live in the same area. For Bennington we have a large well capitalized...
  4. ssc

    Be careful out there!

    We have had a terrible season out here on Lake Havasu. Way too many deaths and accidents. Just in the past three weeks, we have had four fatalities and numerous injuries. I have various rules on my boat to try to avoid issues, but still question how all these issues keep happening. Cheers, Steve
  5. ssc

    8.2 with a Bravo 3

    Obviously, something is not correct. What is the RPM at WOT? More important, what is the altitude where he is running the boat? This will make a big difference. When I had my conquest with a 525, I ran a 24p. (However, for lake powell, I had to run a 22p due to the elevation.) I tried a...
  6. ssc

    Quick Horn Fix

    At least your thought was better than mine. I saw the title and thought..... well, lets just say my mind was elsewhere. :unsure:
  7. ssc

    Dual Batery Question

    I have a dual set up. SOP for me is that the switch is turned off when the boat comes out of the water. I now leave the starboard battery on a tender. It is no fun to forget to turn off the battery switch and have a dead boat when you want to go out. Of course, that is the time when all the...
  8. ssc

    350 Verado trim

    With my rig and the digital gauges, I have found that 7 seems to be the right trim for my boat/motor/prop/driver at WOT.  However, every set up has variables that testing should help determine the most effective approach. Cheers, Steve
  9. ssc

    Weeds clog the center motor mount and M bracket, Reduce performance

    Today was the first time I have had a "weed" issue. After a drive through the Channel, I was accelerating past the wake zone and the motor felt like it was cavitating. I assumed weeds, and stopped. I lifted the motor up and what appeared to look like a prehistoric dodo bird nest floated away...
  10. ssc

    Cross Country Lake Havasu Trip

    I have to agree with Randy. April is a great time to hit Havasu. Come on out, we'll leave a light on for you! If I'm in Havasu at the same time, I would be delighted to show you around. Cheers, Steve
  11. ssc

    What do you do?

    Spreading hate and discontent via social engineering. Divorce attorney. I have my daughter working for me. She will be taking it over and I am doing my best to retire. Cheers, Steve
  12. ssc

    Costa Rica Wildlife

    Goes to show where my mind is at. I saw the title and was thinking, "Casino Del Rey and the Blue Marlin Bar." Nice pics. Happy New Year. Cheers, Steve
  13. ssc

    Do you keep your bimini top up or down most times?

    My double bimini has been up 100% since we picked it up from the dealer. Even with it up, if one wants to get some sun, there is plenty of sun up towards the bow. Did I mention it gets a bit warm here? Cheers, Steve
  14. ssc

    What is too hot?

    It was a nice time on the water today. According to my info, it got up to 114. Got to love the double bimini and plenty of cold water. Cheers, Steve
  15. ssc

    What is too hot?

    I agree. Plus, Stay hydrated. I'm planning on going out on Tuesday and it is supposed to be 108. Cheers, Steve
  16. ssc

    Mercury 400R

    Awesome news. I tried last year to see if Bennington would allow me to run the 400 on my boat. I didn't want to void my warranty. I also wanted to make sure the boat and hull would be safe. They told me I couldn't upgrade to the 400. If they are offering it, I will look into this again. I...
  17. ssc

    Avast the scurvy swabs...

    Actually, that was a typo. He was transferred up north to Northern California. Cheers, Steve
  18. ssc

    Avast the scurvy swabs...

    I was on my fathers Bertram Boat off Catalina Island when we were boarded by Fish and Game. My son and dad were fishing and I was reading a book. I saw them coming in their black tactical jumpsuits. There were three officers. Two were nice, but the third--who seemed to be in charge-- was a jerk...
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    Were you turning or going straight? When was the last time you had the lower serviced? When it happened, do you recall how many people on board and where they were sitting/standing? Cheers, Steve
  20. ssc

    What are the best trailer guide?

    I also have the outside guides at the rear of my trailer.  However, I did have the stern swing out on me in a bit of wind. The rub rail took care of the issue, but the guide was bent out. Had to have a local wielding shop fix it. Hey Randy, I just got back to CA after a week in Havasu. The next...