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    Cobra Edge Hydrofoil

    Well after I completed the stereo install last weekend, I installed a Cobra The Edge Stainless Hydrofoil on the engine.  I've used these on other boats and always had great results so I thought I would give it a shot.  I have the Express Tube package that sits really low in the back and while I...
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    Stereo Upgrade Complete

    Well, with the help of a few folks on here with ideas on running the power cable to the helm (Havasu, Cwag911, BulldogsCadillac) I finally got the stereo upgrade complete.  Thanks for the help guys!!  I installed a Sony Bluetooth head unit, WetSounds 8" speakers, Fusion 1400 Watt amp and a...
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    Running new Amplifier Cable from battery

    I am installing a new stereo system in the toon.  I have to run #2 gauge wire from the battery to a distribution block under the console.  I'm just wondering if anyone has any tricks on how to run the wire without having to remover either a side panel above the toon or the underskin below the...
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    Yamaha 115 Prop Noise

    Hey, new member here and new Bennington owner as well.  I have a 2012 22SSL TriToon with a Yamaha 115 Four stroke engine, Yamaha stainless 15" prop.  A idle, it makes what I can best describe as a metal clanging type noise in both forward and reverse.  AS soon as you add a small amount of...