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  1. PapaBear

    Zombie Fish Vinyl Wrap for our 17 sli

    We purchased our Bennington new in 2012 as we began our glide toward downsizing. Our prior boat was a 400 HP Howard Custom ski boat and losing 90% of your horsepower is a real test of your self-esteem.... :cool: From 2012 to 2017 from late April to late November we kept the Bennington in the...
  2. PapaBear

    Media Blasting Pontoons with calcium deposits at water line

    For the last several years we kept our 18’ Bennington in the water in the marina at the lake where we previously had a vacation home in Southern California. We sold that home and the boat is now a trailer queen. As a result of. Several summers in the water, the pontoons have developed some very...
  3. PapaBear

    Big Bear Lake bound!

    We have a vacation home at Big Bear Lake and our 2012 18 SLi "Cub Tub" is slipped at Pleasure Point Marina from late April through mid-October, weather permitting. At just under 7,000 feet, we've had 12" of snow the week before Halloween (2009) snow is been predicted this year through mid-April...
  4. PapaBear

    BBQ Mount for Pedestal Fishing Chair Receptacle?

    We are awaiting the delivery of our 2011 17 SLi which we are outfiting with a single pedestal fishing chair (plus depth gague and trolling motor) in the center bow. We also wanted to get a Magma BBQ but wanted to avoid another pedestal receptacle in the floor. West Marine has a Pedestal Mount...
  5. PapaBear

    Newbie asks: Dog Ramp; Sign & Accessories

    We just made the inevitable concession to maturity and pending grandchildren to trade in our 20 year old Howard 21' 400 HP (80 mph) and "trade-up" to a fully-optioned 18SLi with a 40 HP Big Foot fishing chair, electric motor, fish finder and plenty of cup holders. We'll miss the speed a little...